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Online Ordering System For The F&B Industry


NinjaOS is a F&B E Commerce Technology that enables Delivery, Takeaway, QR Dine In, Catering, Reservation with CRM, Loyalty, Analytics and Integrations. We help F&B brands increase their revenue, grow a loyal customer base, save time and money on commissions.

Relevant Industries: Hospitality, Food & Beverage (F&B)




Fast-to-market online ordering system. Merchant just needs to provide their menu, pictures, operational timeslots and NinjaOS will do the rest from setting up their online ordering site in their own domain to taking their first order.

Quick and efficient support through Whatsapp.

All the modules they need to run a F&B business in a single system.

Affordable and fast to implement.

Able to integrate with existing systems such as POS, Accounting, Inventory management, Kiosk and more.

  1. Why does NinjaOS not charge a commission? Is there a catch?
    We are here for growth together with our customers. Let's say you earn $5,000, you spend $500 in commissions, You earn $10,000, you spend $1,000 in commissions. Would you still want to earn $100,000 this way or would you want to replace that system and keep the profits to yourself? We all know the answer and that's why we do not charge a commission and hinder your growth.

  2. In what way dos NinjaOS help me grow my business?
    It maximizes your business in many ways; NinjaOS is an all in one system that helps you organise your customer’s information for re engagement, sets you up with Delivery, Takeaway, Dine In, Catering and Reservation offering superior customer experience to order and interact, engage and increase your revenue with CRM and Loyalty features. Its basically like your second outlet, just online.

  3. Why do I need NinjaOS when I can build on my own using Shopify, Wix or Magento?
    You certainly can, but the question is; Does it serve your business requirement and Who does the maintenance and upgrades of features? It normally becomes a far more daunting and expensive process to figure all the features and moving parts yourself hence we have built a F&B centric online ordering system that covers everything you need and integrates with possibly everything that you need. It also gets updated every 2 weeks with features that help you streamline and improve your business.