20 Dec 2022

reimagined national museums and heritage institutions

The prevailing connectivity 5G growth enables sophisticated applications and deliver high-definition audio-visual experiences in real-time, which allows museum-goers fully immerse in the experience like never before. Imagine in a historical site, bringing you back in time to 1965 standing at Padang field during Singapore Independence Day.

27 Sep 2022

amplify borderless experience

The Gardens and in its Digital Twin – a re-creation of the Gardens in the metaverse, delivering a real-time phygital event that allows real-time interaction with audiences around the world.

30 Aug 2022

explore the unchartered possibility

A ubiquitous 5G standalone offshore coverage for the Southern coast of Singapore, including the surrounding waters of the southern islands enhances connectivity in the larger maritime ecosystem and unlocks new use cases and applications.

3 Aug 2022

first industry device solutions

5G Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Smart Glasses solution at its yard in Singapore, the first in Southeast Asia’s maritime industry enhancing the efficiency of remote operations for its tech-enabled workforce. Powered by leading-edge software that can perform real time analyses and provide data to the wearer, harnessing M1’s 5G high-speed and low latency connectivity to enable quicker and more effective responses.

25 Apr 2022

shaping the future of enterprises

In collaboration with Accenture, we develop best-in-class solutions to drive 5G growth across the key sectors of maritime, energy and utilities, and smart estates. This joint effort combines our expertise in 5G connectivity with Accenture’s deep cross-industry and functional capabilities. Both companies will co-develop best-in-class solutions using the transformative effects of 5G, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), edge computing and cloud to solve industry challenges and support enterprises in their sustainable growth, with the aim of advancing Singapore’s 5G vision.

25 Aug 2021

the waves of 5G on Singapore’s waterfront

A first-of-its-kind in Singapore, a new suite of intelligent solutions powers the waterfront lifestyle and yacht experience at Marina at Keppel Bay. Our solutions include 5G-powered surveillance devices and robots to help boost security, productivity and efficiency at Singapore’s exclusive waterfront precinct.

22 Jul 2021

first operator in the world for VoNR

The future of 5G voice services is here. M1 customers are the first in the world to enjoy better call experiences with our Voice over 5G New Radio (VoNR) service on the 5G Standalone (SA) network. A true 5G experience in partnership with Samsung for higher quality calls, faster setup time, seamless voice call continuity and ultra-fast data speed.

20 Jan 2021

robots advance Singapore’s smart nation ambition

Supported by IMDA, we partner with Continental and JTC to conduct autonomous transport systems 5G standalone trials for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). The tripartite project explores the operations of 5G-enabled AMRs in a live environment, based on newly developed network and infrastructure solutions, and the enhancements of construction safety.

24 Sep 2020

M1 enables 5G for everyone

With the launch of our 5G NSA network, customers only need to add a 5G Booster to get a glimpse into the new reality of unparalleled mobile network experience for video streaming, cloud gaming, remote working and more. Our 5G network will also allow us to open up powerful industry applications from autonomous vehicle operations to remote surgery.

24 Jun 2020

licence to drive Singapore’s smart city

With our 5G network licence fully-awarded, we begin to roll out 5G network coverage across Singapore in partnership with Nokia. Our 5G hyper connectivity and ability to carry massive connections simultaneously will enable better connectivity experiences for consumers, and spur further innovative journeys for our smart city and its key industries.

11 Jun 2020

M1 takes off with Airbus for coastal 5G trials

5G SA trials take flight in real-world air-mobility environments as IMDA, M1, MPA and Airbus come together to conduct trials on unmanned aerial vehicle operations including drone-fly zones. M1 will also partner with TeamOne to design and develop the world’s first aeronautical certified 5G SA communication modem for urban air mobility operations.

19 May 2020

start-ups get a 5G headstart

Leveraging our 5G expertise to help start-ups drive innovation, we partner with SGInnovate to give start-ups the support they need. From enabling the full potential of autonomous technology and immersive mixed reality to expanding the power of remote patient monitoring, our 5G capabilities will play a key role in fuelling growth and transformation.

6 May 2020

four tech powers combine for Industry 4.0

Four of Singapore’s largest tech companies come together to grow the country’s 5G ecosystem. Working with IBM, IMDA and Samsung, M1 powers the country’s first 5G Industry 4.0 Trial to create an innovation model – leveraging on AI, IoT, edge, AR and network architecture – to develop, test and benchmark 5G-enabled solutions for various industries.

30 Jan 2020

asia’s largest street parade features M1’s 5G

Singapore’s Chingay parade gets a stunning 5G showcase. Working with Huawei, we captured and live-streamed a bird’s-eye-view of the world’s longest dragon dance – enhancing the viewing experience with Augmented Reality and a high bandwidth, low latency LIVE web broadcast for viewers to stream smoothly in full definition.

8 Jan 2020

making smart networks smarter with SIT and AI

Partnering with SIT, we’re developing a patent for an innovative AI model to improve the planning, operations and maintenance of complex mobile networks. M1’s 5G is an enabling technology for network management, and what we do will help students and industry partners in the telco ecosystem to improve and develop network solutions for the future

17 Oct 2019

5G drives NTU’s vehicle-to-everything research

Our 5G technology gets onboard NTU’s cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) research testbeds and trials – the first of its kind in Singapore. The C-V2X equipment in the shuttle buses and autonomous vehicles that ply the NTU Smart Campus, will help industry partners design and deploy mobility solutions for real time traffic navigation and safety.

17 Oct 2019

adding a dash of 5G into Hai Di Lao’s hotpot

5G takes the heat in the kitchen as we equip Hai Di Lao’s latest outlet with smart machines, soup dispensers and even food delivery robots. On the front end, to enhance the experience of waiting customers, we set up a 5G experience corner that allows diners to immerse themselves in interactive VR and AR gaming, while waiting for an available table.

24 Jul 2019

enabling the future of robotics with SUTD

Powering an indoor network testbed of 5G small cells in SUTD, we help students and researchers unleash the potential of 5G technologies – in the areas of tactile security, delivery and mascot robots, real-time remote sensing, real-time remote operation of robots and e-scooters – as well as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in 360°.

27 Jun 2019

5G comes into port with IMDA and PSA

In a live Smart Port environment, we test 5G technologies on teleremote controlled equipment and automated guided vehicles. What we discover from our 5G Trial Tech with IMDA and PSA will help to provide deep learnings for future 5G deployments across various industries, service providers, and government agencies in Singapore’s Smart Nation journey.