maritime 5G

  • Monitoring and surveillance (ships/rigs)
  • Drone deliveries
  • Autonomous tugboat
  • Autonomous hull and ship structure inspection
  • Intelligent workshop

banking and finance

  • 5G ATM/ contactless VTM
  • Contextual marketing and relationship management
  • Advanced analytics for asset tracking and financial services
  • Blockchain technology and 5G-enabled IoT

key installations

  • Urban planning and smart estates with technology and tools
  • Industrial 4.0 with massive connected devices operating collaboratively
  • Plant inspection using drones

retail and commerce

  • E-commerce helpdesk
  • Customer demographics profiling
  • Digital concierge and micro-payment blockchain
  • Unmanned stores (intelligent inventory management)


  • Virtual concerts and entertainment events (AR/VR)
  • Interactive learning journeys and field trips with AR
  • Mega e-sports events, indoors and outdoors