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If delivering good-looking smartphones with unique designs and amazing horsepower is the name of the game, then vivo phones are your top game-players. Beyond its minimalistic design that oozes a premium feel, vivo’s new phone models deliver in every aspect. From experience and performance to camera and battery specs, the full vivo line-up checks all the boxes of a modern smartphone.

And guess what? Here at M1, you’ll find the best deals for vivo 5G and 4G mobile devices, with constant updates to deliver the latest vivo mobile phone models at fantastic prices in Singapore.

Pursue True Perfection with vivo’s Latest Phone Models

Not sure which Android phone to get your hands on this season? You can call the search off, because with the latest release of vivo phone models, you’ll surely want to snap up one of them.

Built with technologies that you’d only find in range-topping models, vivo phones pack a punch by integrating flagship features at affordable prices. Inspiring the masses with its advanced innovations, vivo’s new models offer one-of-a-kind experiences such as the world’s first Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology and Screen Soundcasting Technology.

Better yet, if you’re looking for a mobile phone that has an internal memory and temporary data storage space that is more than 64GB and 4GB RAM, its newer additions, considered among vivo’s best phones—the vivo V, X, and Y series just might let you store more photos, songs, and data than its predecessors. For avid gamers and multitaskers, the vivo latest smartphones offer enhanced processing speeds that ensure a smooth and lag-free experience.

A Personalised Plan to Go with Your vivo Phone

Whether you have your eyes set on the vivo V25 5G or vivo X70 5G, you’ll be able to get them at prices as little as $0 upfront! Simply choose the Bespoke Flexi Plan, and cover the outstanding balance of your new vivo phone in instalments! Choose how much you’ll like to pay on your day of purchase for your vivo new mobile and cover the rest over 12 to 36 months — the choice is yours. Our vivo affordable phone plans are here to sweeten the deal.

By opting for this approach, you can ensure the vivo phone price aligns with your financial comfort zone. This makes it easier to enjoy the cutting-edge technology and features of your desired vivo smartphone model, as opposed to making a full purchase at vivo flagship stores.

Get Your New vivo Phone on the 5G Network

All for the hype around the newest and fastest wireless mobile network in Singapore? Constantly daring to push boundaries and pursue perfection, you’ll be glad to know that vivo was quick to adopt 5G.

True 5G!

Don't wait, elevate your mobile experience with a vivo 5G mobile phone from M1 today.

Frequently Asked Questions About vivo Mobile Phones

Which vivo mobile phone supports 5G?

The move to 5G is a bandwagon worth jumping on if you are all for smooth and faster connection. To help you do just that, you’ll need a new vivo phone with 5G capabilities. vivo has a few to choose from; the vivo V27 5G, vivo X80 Pro, vivo X70, vivo Y78 5G, and more.

Taking you faster into the future, this full line-up of the best vivo 5G phones sets the standard for mobile phones today.

Where can I find the latest vivo phone models & promotions ?

Constantly on the edge of your seat, waiting for the release of the latest vivo phone in 2023? Or perhaps you’re on the hunt for vivo’s best camera phone? Look no further than M1! Beyond housing a range of exceptional vivo mobile phones at affordable prices, we are always updating our vivo offers and promotions, so users in Singapore can get their hands on the best deals with ease.

If you're keen on making a savvy investment, keep an eye out for our special vivo phone promotions that spotlight budget-friendly vivo mobile price opportunities.

How can I sign up with M1 today?

It’s super simple to get on board with an M1 Bespoke Plan and order your new vivo phone today. Hop over to our website and create an account with M1. While you're at it, be sure to check out our competitive vivo mobile phone offers to find the best deal on the vivo phone you want.

Once you've made your selection, you're on your way to having a brand-new handset, whether you’re eyeing vivo‘s cheapest phone or their top-of-the-line vivo flagship phones, we will deliver it right to your doorstep in Singapore!

If you're interested in exploring other brands, we also have a diverse range of smartphones, including Samsung phonesHuawei phonesXiaomi phones, and more. Feel free to contact us for any further questions.