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Equipped with impressive features, HUAWEI has released its coveted new addition to its P50 line-up. The latest futuristic phone, the P50 Pro 4G, boasts 4 large camera modules on the back in addition to other prominent specs. Packed with top-notch hardware, this high-end smartphone offers excellent performance for everyday use.

Pushing the boundaries in terms of features and design, the new HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G is a standout model to get your hands on. Bold and timeless, the 6.6-inch smartphone is built with rounded corners for a better fit in your hands. Tuned to display true-to-life images, its stellar screen refresh rate only amplifies its professional-grade colour accuracy that showcases billions of colours for the ultimate viewing experience.


HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G Specs & Features

Revolutionary Photography

Rocking a unique quad-camera setup with a dual-ring design on the back, it comes as no surprise that the P50 Pro stays true to the P series’ promise of delivering unrivalled camera performance. Equipped with 5 cameras, reproducing comprehensive image details with each snap is just one shot away. Its rear camera setup features a 50MP True-Chroma Colour, 40MP True-Chroma Mono, 13MP Ultra-Wide Angle, and 64MP Telephoto camera while there is a 13MP Selfie front-facing camera. Empowering smartphone photography unlike any other, revel in upgraded clarity with the HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro image engine that comes with an ambient light sensing system. Regardless of the lighting settings, never miss your favourite view as the P50 Pro captures every pattern and texture for a super-clear shot. Taking pictures from a distance? With an up-to 200x Zoom range, the 64MP periscope telephoto camera and HUAWEI XD Optics will work its magic to capture every action with stability and improved quality.

Truly Immersive Experience

Whether you’re watching your favourite show on Netflix or using MeeTime for an easier-than-ever contact with loved ones, the HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G delivers an immersive viewing experience too! Supporting a 120Hz screen refresh rate, up to 300Hz touch sampling rate, and 1,440Hz high-frequency PWM dimming control, its True-Chroma display guarantees a truly captivating experience. Ridding of any colour inaccuracies on the display that possesses a P3 wide colour gamut, lose yourself in the 1.07 billion colours that will be transmitted from screen to sight. Visuals aside, the HUAWEI Histen emits an all-round sound through its stereo speakers so that you’ll always be one with the scene.

Swift with Massive Power

Thought that the EMUI 12 operating system and Snapdragon 888 4G processor are the only features that make this new phone a powerful device? Beyond bringing superior performance in data processing and multitasking, the HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G phone model ensures fast and stable heat dissipation with its 3D Graphene Liquid Cooling System. Add to that its magnificent 4,360 mAh battery, and you’ll never miss a beat when you game, call or watch on this latest phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G

What makes the HUAWEI P50 Pro unique?

In addition to being compact, this lightweight phone is also IP68 rated for splash, water, and dust resistance. But that’s not all! The HUAWEI P50 Pro also comes in stunning colours, including Cocoa Gold and Golden Black - both of which you can buy from M1! With hues that are totally off the charts, have your brand new HUAWEI phone shine through the crowds wherever you go!

What is the price of the HUAWEI P50 Pro 4G?

If you’ve got your eyes on the HUAWEI P50 Pro, and its cost is something you’re concerned about, quit worrying! Getting your hands on the new addition to the HUAWEI P series at an affordable price is a breeze with M1. As a matter of fact, when you sign up for the Bespoke Flexi plan, you can pay as little as $0 upfront! View our slew of the latest mobile device promotions and offers online while you’re at it.

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Signing up with M1 is a hassle-free process. Simply create an account with M1, select the latest P50 Pro 4G model by HUAWEI, and decide on the Bespoke plan that fits your everyday mobile needs. You can also elevate your mobile experience by customising your phone plan with a wide range of mobile add-ons. You’ll get to enjoy a whole range of promotions, freebies, and other awesome rewards, especially if you qualify for our Sunrisers programme!