Seriously, what’s not to like about this epic handset? The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is a dream smartphone for many, packed with features that are sure to pave the way for how other manufacturers develop their handsets for a long time to come. Launched with the tagline “Leap further ahead”, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro leaps boldly into the future with its unprecedented power.

A delight in its design as well, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is recognisable at a glance with its two distinct and gorgeous colours: Mystic Silver and Black. Its perfect combination of wonderfully sleek looks and outstanding power gives it the upper hand in a comparison against other phones currently in the market. Coming with a trendy new plus point, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is 5G capable too!

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HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro Specs & Features

High performance capabilities

Packing the latest in the manufacturer’s chipset, the Kirin 9000, the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is incredibly responsive right out of the box and is more than capable of running even the most intensive tasks and playing graphically-rich games. Packing more than 15 billion transistors, the compact chipset is tiny yet extremely mighty. Couple that with its 8GB of RAM and you’ll understand why it’s such a powerhouse of a phone.

Let every moment tell a story

Designed to bring every frame to life, it comes as no surprise that most HUAWEI phones are top-tier when it comes to their photo and video capabilities - and the Mate40 Pro is certainly no exception. In fact, it’s arguably one of the best phones out there currently in terms of its cameras. Capable of shooting cinematic footage, the rear 50MP Ultra Vision, 20MP Ultra-Wide Cine, and 12MP Telephoto Camera work together to deliver astonishing clarity with accuracy. Packed with a range of useful tools such as the innovative Steady Shot and Tracking Shot feature, you’ll be able to capture the finer details in every shot. And let’s not forget the selfies! Front cameras include a 13 MP Intelligent Ultra Vision Selfie Camera that supports engaging features like slow-motion velfies with depth.

Ready to take you on a 5G journey

Ever wanted to take your network data speeds to the next level with 5G? The HUAWEI Mate40 Pro is 5G-capable, so all you’ll need to do once you’re with M1 is add-on the 5G Booster at an affordable price and you’re ready to go!

Order a HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro Plus an M1 Bespoke Plan

Get the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro in Singapore with M1 on the Bespoke Flexi Plan and you’ll pay as little as $0 upfront, while having the power to personalise your plan as you see fit; choose your data allocation, call minutes and any add-ons you like, and change things up each month if you need to!

Frequently Asked Questions About the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro

What makes the HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro unique?

The brilliant combination of performance, camera system capabilities, looks, size (6.76-inches), and the fact that it’s 5G-ready means that this handset is raising the bar across the industry. If you’re a fan of widescreen displays to truly enjoy entertainment on the go or at home, it’s really tough to beat the Mate40 Pro.

How much is the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro on a plan?

If you’re interested in getting the HUAWEI Mate40 Pro, you’ll be glad to know that you can get it at prices cheaper than retail in Singapore. With the M1 Bespoke Flexi Plan, you can pay as little as $0 upfront for the device and cover the remaining cost in instalments over the course of 12 to 36 months. Prefer a contract plan? Opt for the Bespoke Contract Plan!

How do I sign up with M1?

Signing up with M1 is super-simple! Head here and select whether you’re in need of a phone or SIM-Only Plan and in no time at all you’ll be signed up with no registration fees at all.


Note: This phone model is no longer available, pls check out the latest phone range from our online eshop.