News Release


M1 teams up with WSG to enable a 5G future-ready workforce

M1 announces a new initiative to upskill its workforce under the
Career Conversion Programme (CCP) for 5G Infocomm Professionals


SINGAPORE, 17 NOVEMBER 2021 – M1 Limited (M1), one of Singapore’s leading Mobile Network Operators (MNO), today announced that it is partnering with Workforce Singapore (WSG) on the new Career Conversion Programme for 5G Infocomm Professionals.

Supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the programme aims to upskill M1’s workforce to become 5G-ready and navigate an evolving digital ecosystem. This initiative is part of IMDA’s partnership with Singapore’s MNOs to hire and reskill 1,000 professionals to support Singapore’s 5G rollout.

With training tailored by the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP), this initiative is part of M1’s larger transformation exercise announced earlier this year, and will help the company build a pool of talent with up-to-date skills in 5G and emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud engineering and data analytics.

To support 5G development in Singapore and to capture the new opportunities, M1 has selected over 90 employees, close to 10% of its total workforce, from core business units, including data governance, network security and digital marketing, to undergo the training programme. Selected staff from AsiaPac, M1’s wholly-owned subsidiary and enterprise arm, will also be part of the cohort to develop new and existing capabilities, as M1 and AsiaPac accelerate efforts to make greater progress in the ICT sector.

The practical training programme will take between three to six months, and mainly comprise on-the-job projects that will allow the cohort to put new platforms and paradigms to practice. The programme, which is personalised for each participant, could also include relevant training courses to prepare and equip staff to take on their new or redesigned roles.

For example, employees will get the chance to expand skills in areas such as data analytics where they will learn to apply critical insights to better cater to changing consumer behaviours. Capabilities in platform development will allow them to fully leverage M1’s cloud-native digital stack which is capable of scalability, evolution and performance, enabling M1 to capitalise on 5G’s full potential by using 5G SA’s cloud native architecture to create and provide enhanced services for consumers and businesses.

Ms. Chan Sock Leng, Director, Human Resource and Regulatory, M1, said, “As we navigate a period of bold changes amidst our business-wide digital transformation, many roles now require our people to be equipped with new digital skills and competencies. In line with Keppel’s Vision 2030 to contribute to smart and sustainable cities, where 5G is a key driver, developing talent in this arena is crucial for us to advance and be prepared for the future of the industry and the vibrant ecosystem. We are thrilled to play our part in advancing Singapore’s Smart Nation goals while strengthening our 5G capabilities to provide new and innovative services.”

Ms. Gillian Woo, Director, Creative & Professional Services Division, Workforce Singapore said, “As Singapore’s 5G roll out intensifies, we expect the demand for 5G talents to grow as more firms participate in the ecosystem. This new Career Conversion Programme for 5G Infocomm Professionals provides timely opportunity for companies to reskill their employees to support the roll out of 5G wireless networks and technologies. WSG is pleased to partner M1 in this journey to develop the competencies of their workers which will improve their long-term employability.”

Mr. Suresh Punjabi, Associate Dean (Executive & Professional Development), NUS School of Continuing and Lifelong Education said, “As a proud champion of lifelong learning, the National University of Singapore is pleased to team up with Singapore Polytechnic and play a part in M1’s transformative journey to upskill its resources. With 5G playing a crucial role in driving Singapore’s Smart Nation ambition, there is an urgent need to shape the right talents and trained professionals to support its growth. We believe that the WSG Career Conversion Programme can help companies such as M1 to ensure their workforce is 5G-ready.”

Mr. Toh Ser Khoon, Director of SP’s School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering said, “Singapore is poised to tap into the limitless potential of a 5G future that is supported by a vibrant 5G innovation ecosystem. Through Singapore Polytechnic’s partnership with the National University of Singapore, we are well-placed to build a skilled 5G-ready workforce with the competencies and know-how to support new career opportunities in the ecosystem. This new pipeline of talents will become a key infrastructure in Singapore’s digital economy, and a crucial boost to our national efforts to spur business innovation and economic growth as a leading 5G hub.”