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Frequently Asked Question

  1. How much does it cost to subscribe to Multi-SIM service?
    The monthly subscription for 1 additional SIM card is $10.70, and $21.40 for 2 additional SIM cards.

  2. Are the free talktime, messages and data bundles on my mobile plan applicable on all my Multi-SIMs?
    Yes. Excess charges beyond bundle apply at prevailing rates.

  3. Is Multi-SIM available on MicroSIM?

  4. Can I receive calls and messages on all my phones with Multi-SIMs?
    No. Messages will only be received on the 1st phone that you have set. Calls, however, will be hunted to the 2nd and/or 3rd phone if it is not answered on the 1st phone.

  5. How do I set a phone as my 1st/2nd/3rd phone?
    Dial the following on your mobile phone:
    To set as 1st Phone *136#
    To set as 2nd Phone *136***2#
    To set as 3rd Phone *136***3#
    To check the current status of Phone *137#

  1. Can I roam with the Multi-SIMs?
    You can roam on your Multi-SIMs if you have active Roaming Subscription or have activated Pay-Per-Use Roaming.

  2. When I am roaming, can I log on to the same network on the Multi-SIMs?
    This will depend on the foreign operator's network. Certain partner networks may not allow simultaneous access by Multi-SIMs when roaming.

  3. When I am roaming, can I use the command *136# and/or *137#?
    This is dependent on the foreign operator network. As such, you are advised to configure your phones locally before any overseas travel.

  1. Can I use the Multi-SIMs on my BlackBerry smartphone?
    BlackBerry service will be available on 1 SIM card only. You can use only the SIM card configured with BlackBerry service to send and receive email on your BlackBerry smartphone.

  2. Can I set Call Divert on the Multi-SIMs?
    Yes, you can.

  3. If I subscribe to a Value-Added Service for my mobile number, will I enjoy the service on the Multi-SIMs?
    Yes, you will (except BlackBerry service). For example, if you subscribe to Caller Number Display for your mobile number, the Multi-SIMs will have Caller Number Display.

  1. Can I subscribe to Multi-SIM service for my Mobile Broadband line?
    Multi-SIM service is eligible on selected Mobile Broadband plans with limited data bundle.