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Call Barring


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Call Barring?
    Call Barring gives you the option of barring incoming and/or outgoing calls on your mobile phone. There are five types of Call Barring services.
    Call Barring Type Call Barring Code
    Bar all outgoing calls 33
    Bar all incoming calls 35
    Bar outgoing IDD calls 331
    Bar outgoing IDD calls except to Singapore when roaming 332
    Bar all incoming calls when roaming 351

  2. How do I use Call Barring?
    To Activate Enter  <call barring code>  <Password>   
    To Cancel 1 Call: Enter  <call barring code>  <Password>  
    All Calls: Enter  <330>   <Password>   
    To Verify Enter    <call barring code>  
    Change Password Enter   <03>  <330>  <old password>  <New Password>  <New Password> 
    Note: Default password is 1234.