Terms and Conditions


Mobile VPN

  1. Mobile VPN is open to companies with an in-house PBX system.
  2. To sign up for Mobile VPN, a leased line will be provided by M1 to connect company PBX and M1 mobile switch. The monthly fee will be waived only when the total number of Mobile VPN sign-ups are 50 and above. Otherwise, monthly fee of S$1,728 (including 8% GST) will be charged to the company.
  3. To be enabled with Mobile VPN service, each user must already be on any M1 corporate mobile plan except TalkShare plans.
  4. For each Mobile VPN registered user, the company will pay a monthly subscription fee of $16.20 (including 8% GST) to M1.
  5. It can port in SingTel/StarHub mobile number and still be able to sign up for Mobile VPN.
  6. Minimum of a 12-month service commitment. There will be penalty charge to the company of S$2,160 (including 8% GST) for early termination.
  7. A S$10.80 (including 8% GST) fee is applicable for change of Mobile VPN number.
  8. Non-voice services such as SMS, MMS, GPRS shall follow existing mobile bill plan's terms and conditions and prevailing charges.