Terms and Conditions


M1 Net Ltd: Special Terms & Conditions for Business Services

    1. In order to receive M1 Net Ltd’s Business Services, the Customer must install or arrange to install the equipment and systems as specified in the Application Form (the “Customer Equipment”) at the Customer’s premises.
    2. M1 Net Ltd may accept any fax-in or mail-in application provided such fax-in or mail-in application is accompanied by a photocopy of the Customer’s Business Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation (for corporate entities).
    3. Once the Customer’s application has been accepted by M1 Net Ltd, the Customer shall maintain a Minimum Period of Subscription of 12 months.
    4. M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service is only available on the main island of Singapore. However, M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service may not be available in certain parts of Singapore due to the condition and location of the Customer’s telecommunications infrastructure.
    5. If Customer subscribes to M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service which includes or comprises of broadband access services, Customer agrees that the same may not be used in conjunction with the following systems: PABX, hunting lines, ISDN, key telephone system, and AUX lines.
    6. M1 Net Ltd may make certain equipment available to the Customer for installation on the Customer’s premises to enable the Customer to access M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service (the “M1 Equipment”). The M1 Equipment shall at all times remain the property of M1 Net Ltd.

    7. The Customer shall:
      1. keep the M1 Equipment in good and clean condition at all times;
      2. keep the M1 Equipment at all times at the designated premises of the Customer, within the possession and the control of the Customer;
      3. ensure that the M1 Equipment is housed, used and operated in a suitable environment and (as the case may be) in a skilful and proper manner, and in accordance with relevant user guides (if any) accompanying the M1 Equipment and all reasonable instructions by M1 with respect to the same;
      4. notify M1 Net Ltd of any change in the Customer’s circumstances which might otherwise impede M1 Net Ltd in tracing the location of the Customer or the M1 Equipment; and
      5. upon demand by M1 Net Ltd in writing, promptly return the M1 Equipment to M1 Net Ltd.

    8. The Customer may not at any time:
      1. do or suffer to be done anything with regard to the M1 Equipment which might in any way prejudice any rights or interest of M1 Net Ltd; or
      2. tamper with the M1 Equipment, or any integrated circuit, component or protection facility contained therein; or
      3. permit any person (other than M1 Net Ltd and any person authorised by M1 Net Ltd in writing) to carry out any repairs or maintenance to, or any removal or replacement of, the M1 Equipment.

    9. If the M1 Equipment proves to be defective under normal use due to defective materials, design and/or workmanship, M1 Net Ltd may at its option either repair the M1 Equipment or replace the M1 Equipment.
    10. Upon the date of termination or expiration of M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service (howsoever caused), the Customer shall promptly (and in any event within 7 days from such date of termination or expiration) return at its own cost the M1 Equipment to M1 Net Ltd.
    11. If the Customer fails to comply with any of the obligations in clause 1.10 above or in the case of any loss or damage to the M1 Equipment, the Customer shall forthwith pay, upon demand by M1 Net Ltd, an amount equal to the full retail price of the M1 Equipment or any compatible replacement equipment as shall be solely determined and specified by M1 Net Ltd. Nothing herein shall preclude M1 Net Ltd from exercising any other remedies available to it under these Special Terms and Conditions, in law and/or equity.

    1. Charges for M1 Net Ltd’s Business Services shall be calculated in accordance with the rates set out in the Application Form and are payable within such time as prescribed by M1 Net Ltd. Payment can be made by way of cheque, credit card or through autopay or direct debit.

    1. Under normal circumstances, M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service will be activated within 31 working days of M1 Net Ltd’s acceptance of the Customer’s application. However, activation may be delayed due to technical and other reasons and M1 Net Ltd shall not be liable for any such delay.

    1. M1 Net Ltd may, if deemed necessary in M1 Net Ltd’s sole and absolute discretion, relocate, install and/or remove the M1 Equipment and any other broadband transmission facilities at the Customer’s premises. All costs incurred in connection with such relocation, installation and/or removal of the M1 Equipment at the Customer’s premises (including but not limited to the cost of any third party services and wiring work, where applicable) shall be borne by the Customer.
    2. The Customer must provide M1 Net Ltd, its employees and contractors safe access to the Customer's premises for such installation and/or removal works. In this connection, the Customer hereby represents and warrants to M1 Net Ltd that it is the owner or occupier of such premises and that all necessary permissions to allow M1 Net Ltd, its employees and contractors to provide such installation and/or removal at the premises have been obtained.

    1. Each Charge payable by the Customer is exclusive of any stamp duty, value added or similar taxes or duties and government charges ("Taxes"). The Customer shall be solely liable and shall pay (and shall indemnify M1 Net Ltd in respect of) all Taxes.
      5.1A. Each Charge payable by the Customer is inclusive of, or will be adjusted according to, the prevailing GST rates.
    2. The Customer shall:-
      1. ensure that the Customer Equipment is in good operating condition and meets M1 Net Ltd’s minimum system requirements;
      2. not connect any equipment other than those specified in the Application Form or expressly authorised by M1 Net Ltd for use in connection with M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service; and
      3. be responsible for any access to and the use of M1 Net Ltd’s Business Service through its account.

    1. These Special Terms and Conditions are to be read in conjunction with M1 Net Ltd’s General Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between these Special Terms and Conditions and M1 Net Ltd's General Terms and Conditions, these Special Terms and Conditions shall prevail.
    2. The Customer may report any problems in connecting with the Business Service to M1 Net Ltd at its Customer Service Centre at telephone number listed in its website at http://www.m1.com.sg/corporate/terms. Should M1 Net Ltd’s technical support staff find that the problem is not caused by M1 Net Ltd or that there is no problem or fault, the Customer shall be liable for all costs incurred by M1 Net Ltd in trying to resolve the problem.