Business Broadband
Service at a Residential Address


Frequently Asked Questions


I am operating my business from a residential address. Can I apply for an M1 Broadband service?
Yes. Customers with residential address may apply for our Home Broadband Plans. Do check out our latest Home Broadband Plans at

If you are interested to subscribe for our Business Broadband Plans in a residential address, a reclassification request will need to be submitted to NetLink Trust.

Please note that:

  • Reclassification is subject to NetLink Trust’s approval and action. The process may take 1 – 3 months to complete

  • Any existing fibre broadband service within the residential address will have to be terminated for the reclassification process to take place and there will be no fibre internet connection until the business broadband connection is ready

  • You will need to prepare at least 2 of the following supporting documents:
    1. Telecommunication / Internet bill (of fixed line subscription only)
    2. Service and Conservancy bill from town council
    3. Utilities bill from Singapore Power
    4. Tenancy agreement for residence
    5. Change of address as indicated on a copy of the Business Profile Information issued by ACRA
  • Items (a) to (c) and (e) must be dated within last 3 months and must bear the unit address of the premise for which the Reclassification is requested

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