mySIMe and EM+


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to sign up for Bespoke Contract (Business) plans?
All Corporate Individual customers (CORI inclusive) who sign-up new lines, port-in or re-contract.

All the plans comes with 5Go Access. Can I not subscribe to 5Go Access?
No, it is mandatory to subscribe to 5G VAS with all Bespoke Contract (Business) plans.

Can Bespoke Contract (Business) plans entitlements be shared amongst Family plans and Multi-SIM?
Yes, the entitlements from Bespoke Contract (Business) can be shared with Family Plan and Multi-SIM together with the base plan.

Can EM+ plans entitlements be shared?
Yes, the entitlements from EM 3+/12+ can be shared with Multi-SIM.

I am currently on Bespoke SIM-only / Contract / Flexi plan. Can I change or re-contract to Bespoke Contract (Business) plan?
Yes, you may change or recontract to Bespoke Contract (Business) plan as long as your company have an existing Corporate Individual arrangement with M1.