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Frequently Asked Questions

What is M1 Corporate Individual Scheme (CORI)?
M1 Corporate Individual Scheme (CORI) is a benefits programme offered to staff of selected companies. With this scheme, you get to enjoy savings off your monthly subscription and free value-added service(s).
Who is eligible to apply for M1 Corporate Individual Scheme (CORI)?
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and a staff of selected companies.
  • Applicants who are existing M1 customers can apply for up to 5 GSM lines (Except for applicants below 21 years old).
  • Applicants below 21 years of age:
    — are allowed to subscribe to only 1 line under their name and NRIC number.
    — are provided with services with local usage only.
  • Work Permit holders can apply for M1 CORI (Maximum 1 line) but a deposit of $201.87 is required. (Prepayment of $605.61 is required for mid-tier contracts and above). Please call our Customer Service at 1627 for other terms & conditions applicable to Work Permit holders.

How do I apply for a new line on M1 Corporate Individual Scheme (CORI)?
  • For Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident:
    — NRIC
  • For Foreigner (Employment Pass Holder)
    — Passport (at least 6 months' validity)
    — Employment Pass (at least 6 months' validity)
    — Proof of Billing Address (for e.g. tenancy agreement, fixed line telephone bill, utilities bill, credit card bill, bank statement or company's letter stating you are an employee and your billing address. This proof must not be more than 2 months old.)

I am currently a subscriber of Singtel or StarHub, can I subscribe to M1?
Yes. Customers who are from Singtel or StarHub can port in their Postpaid number to M1. Please do not terminate your Singtel or StarHub number on your own and ensure that you are not under any binding contract with Singtel or StarHub. Please fill up the Number Retention form. The Number Retention service will take effect about 7-10 working days from the day you collect the SIM card.
What are the benefits of M1 Corporate Individual Scheme?
You will enjoy:
  • Special corporate subscription rate (subject to renewal).
  • Free subscription for selected value-added services (subject to renewal).
  • Waiver of SIM card and Registration charges for new line (worth $48.60).
  • Attractive handset pricing (subject to promotion).
  • Free accessories (subject to promotion).

Can I choose to upgrade my plan in future if the current one is not sufficient for my usage?
Yes, you may.
How about downgrading of plan, for e.g. from Bespoke Contract (Business) Base plan + $50 add-on to Bespoke Contract (Business) Base plan?
Yes, you may. A surcharge of service commitment contract/device contract may be applicable. Please refer to the application form for the service commitment penalty for the type of handset contract you have signed.
Is there any charge for changing of plans?
There is no charge for change of plan.
I have subscribed to a (Bespoke Contract (Business)plan, can I terminate the 5Go Access even though my mobile line is still in service / active?
No, if you have subscribed to a Bespoke Contract (Business) plan, you’re not allowed to terminate 5Go Access VAS. Please refer to the service commitment form for the service commitment penalty contract you have signed.
Can I choose to subscribe to a plan without the purchase of a mobile phone?
Yes, you can. You can sign up for a Bespoke SIM-only (Business) plan. A 1-month service commitment contract applies (not applicable to Bespoke Contract (Business) plans).
When I receive my SIM card, can I use it immediately?
Yes, you can make and receive local calls immediately. However, value-added services such as Roaming Subscription, Voicemail and Caller Number Display will be activated within 3 working days from the day you received your SIM card.
What if the handset I bought is faulty?
You can go to the manufacturer's service centre for repair. Please bring along the warranty card and receipt.
If I am an existing subscriber of M1, can I apply for another new line?
Yes, you can. Every subscriber is eligible to sign up for a maximum of 5 GSM lines (except for applicants below 21 years old, S Pass and Work Permit Holders).
Can I purchase a handset if I choose to terminate my existing line (current contract has already expired) and subscribe to a new line?
Yes, you may. There will be no penalty charges for terminating your existing line that has no contract. You have to give up your existing number and select a new number. Number Retention service is not possible for M1 to M1 number.
The line that I would like to convert is registered in the name of a family member or a friend who is not a staff of selected companies. Can I convert the line to Corporate Plan?
No, M1 CORI is exclusively for staff of selected companies. You will need to do a transfer of line ownership to your name in order to convert the line to Corporate Plan.
I would like to enjoy the Corporate Plan, but I am on the Supplementary Plan. What must I do?
If you are the main subscriber, you will need to convert both your main line and supplementary line to Corporate Plan. Alternatively, you may cancel the Supplementary Plan and convert your main line to Corporate Plan.
How long will it take to convert M1 Public Plan to Corporate Plan?
The conversion will be processed within 5 working days upon receipt of proper documentation and if you do not have any outstanding bills.
How do I know if the conversion from M1 Public Plan to Corporate Plan has been done?
You may call M1 Corporate Customer Service Hotline at 1627 to check.
If I convert from M1 Public Plan to Corporate Plan, can I still enjoy my existing loyalty discount?
No. Although you cannot enjoy your existing loyalty discounts, the corporate rates will still be lower than the public rates you are getting. However, if you leave selected companies and the Corporate Plan is converted back to Public Plan, you will enjoy the same loyalty discount as before you had converted to Corporate Plan.
I have an existing CORI SIM-only plan. Can I change to the same SIM-only plan with the latest promotion?
Yes. You may change within the same bill plan.
I am not a CORI and have an existing M1 Public SIM-only plan. Can I convert to CORI SIM-only plan?
Yes. You may change between Public SIM-only bill plan to CORI SIM-only plan.