M1 is utilising this telco-grade technology, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing to provide high-speed data centre interconnections to our customers.

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What Is DWDM?

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is a fibre-optic transmission technique for high speed data transfers.. M1 brings this technology to fulfill our enterprise customers demand for ever-increasing amounts of bandwidth over existing fibre networks.

Resilient Connectivity Between Key Data Centres

The service offers fully-managed 10Gbps bandwidth at a 1:1 contention ratio with a service level of 99.999% offering the very highest-grade of connectivity that M1 can provide to it’s customers.

The service is made available via pre-laid fibre placed at select Data Centres across the island.

Island-Wide Data Centre Interconnection Ring

M1 has deployed DWDM in a ring configuration that connects these 9 Data Centre sites

  • NTT Data Centre
  • Keppel DataHub
  • Keppel DigiHub
  • Equinix SG1
  • Equinix SG2
  • Global Switch
  • M1 MOC
  • M1 ROC
  • M1 MiWorld

Technical Benefits All Year Round

Telco-Grade Point-to-Point Connection

Telco-Grade Point-to-Point Connection

Layer 1 & Layer 2 Connectivity

Dedicated Bandwidth

Dedicated Bandwidth

10Gbps connectivity at a 1:1 contention ratio

Integrated Resiliency

Integrated Resiliency

Built upon a protected ring architecture

Maximum Uptime

Maximum Uptime

Service Level of 99.999%


A Cut Above The Rest: DWDM

This connectivity solution is best suited to support the following enterprise deployments:

  • Multi-Datacentre Site Colocation i.e. Hosting Companies
  • Private & Hosted Colocation Inter-Connectivity
  • Business Continuity Programs
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Live/Real-Time Off-Site Resiliency (e.g. Hot Site)