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The number of individuals in your company that will be sending out documents for signatureUsers5 + minimum5 + minimum
Perfect for documents that you send out often, Templates save the prepared fields making future sends quick and easyTemplates15Unlimited
HelloSign customers can send an unlimited number of signature requests per month, so send awaySignature RequestsUnlimitedUnlimited
  Key Features 
Provides proof of document access, review, and signatureAudit Trail
Validated in fields based on criteria that you determineData Validation
Use HelloSign in 22 different languagesMultiple Languages
Get email notifications and set up email remindersReminders/Notifications
Prepare documents for signature fast with multiple fieldsSigner fields
Convert your template to a URL to share with signersTemplate Links
Add your company logo and custom messagingBranding
Requests signatures from to a large list with a single clickBulk Send
Reports that provide insight into usage statisticsReporting
Collect file attachments from your signersSigner Attachments
Request enhanced recipient authentication via SMSSMS authentication
Centralized the control over user and document permissionsTeam features
Conditional logic, drop-downs, clickable links, and moreAdvanced signer fields 
Signer Reassignment, Variable Signers, and moreAdvanced signing tools 
Customizable reports and CSV downloadsAdvanced reporting 
Store your documents in our global data residency optionsData residency 
Enables HIPAA complianceHIPAA w/BA2 
Manage HelloSign as part of your company’s SSO protocolSingle sign-on (SSO) 
Empower various teams within an organization to use eSignatures based on their unique needsMulti-teams Contact us for further details
Supercharge sales teams with our out-of-the-box integrationSalesforce IntegrationContact us for further details
Includes out-of-the-box SFDC and SFDC CPQ integrationsSalesforce CPQ IntegrationContact us for further details
Request signatures directly from Oracle CPQOracle CPQ IntegrationContact us for further details


* Plans current as of 9/3/2021 and subject to change as HelloSign release additional features.

1Based on G2 customer reviews - Fall 2020 reports.

2Minimum ACV requirements apply. Enquire with M1 for additional information.

$Additional cost add-on priced separate from the base plan. Enquire with M1 for additional information.