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Building owners need Security Services and not Security Guard Services. At Concorde, we provide just that – an Integrated Guarding Services Solution (IGSS) that will smartly secure your premises with at least 50% cost savings from your monthly security spend.


In Singapore, there are:

  • > 250 security agencies supplying security guards.
  • > 10 evolved into remote command center security sharing services.
  • Concorde is the only security services provider that has transformed into mobile command center security services based on a cluster of buildings concept with dedicated on-site response.

Industry Evolution Industry Transformation
Security Guard Services Remote Command Center Integrated Guarding Services Solution
(ClusterTM Mobile Command Center)

Manpower Usage
Manning 24 hours Manning 24 hours Manning during office hours –
IGSS after office hours

Risk, Safety & Health
“Lone Worker” syndrome Single point of failure Multi-level accelerated protection and safeguards

Emergency Response
Need 2 to 3 officers Uncertain with no on-site support and visualization Immediate response with clear visualization and on-site support

Service Quality
Human lapses - Man is the weakest link Virtual - Compromising security and safety Dedicate On-Site Response

Economic Impact
Increasing high cost with no career value Increasing high cost Huge cost savings due to cluster model and Increase in human value

Facility Support
No No Yes – Reduce facility downtime

Concorde - the only security services provider, having pre-approved PSG solution in the Go Business Singapore portal – under the category of Security: Surveillance & Analytics.

Relevant Industries: Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Public Safety and National Security, Retail & Consumer Goods and Services


Integrating facility and security services

Work-life balance for security officers.

Higher skillsets and increased wages for security officers.

Business continuity plan.

Cost savings of 50% and yearly incremental cost savings.

Lower security and fire threats.

  1. How long does it take to buy the solution – IGSS?
    Once the agreement is signed, we need 3-4 weeks for site survey and installation of the technology infrastructure before commencement of services.

  3. How do you compare with other security guards services providers?
    We are the only security services solution that business owners need. We provide real-time on-site support with our mobile command center and not remote or virtual solutions that compromise your security needs.

  5. Concorde’s Mobile Command Center - 5 whys for your security considerations:
    1. Why fix the command center when you can have it mobile?
    2. Why have a single guard when you can have 3 dedicated officers at half the cost?
    3. Why remote response or virtual when you can have real-time on-site response?
    4. Why limit to a single service when you can have an aggregation of resources, including facility services?
    5. Why limit innovation when you can have advanced mobility solutions that can leverage 5G for a future proof model?