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Relevant Industries: Healthcare, Manufacturing & Retail


Intelli-Signage Version 3.1.4 - Intelli-Signage 1 unit


  • 1 x Intelli-Signage Client Software
  • 1 x Intelli-Signage Server Software (only support Windows based laptop)
  • 1 year Cloud Data Analytics



  • 1 x Video Analytic solution
  • 1 x Heatmap Analysis Sensor (people counting)


Professional Services

  • 1 x Signage content population based on selected layout (maximum 10 pages)
  • 1 x Installation and Configuration (AC power outlet within 3m from location of KIOSK)



  • 2-hour training



Save manpower & time - remote upload signage content to multiple devices simultaneously, reduce the manpower and time spent to travel to different outlet to change content.


Easy to launch marketing campaigns - content can be modified quickly and upload remotely.


Intelli-Signage can attract shopper attention and engage them with interactive touch screen content.


Savings on printing costs with digitized contents.



  1. Is the solution cloud-based?
    The solutions is cloud based for content management, remote management and data analytic report. For the artwork and content design can be done offline and customer need to install the software on Windows laptop/PC and use content design software to populate the signage content.
  2. How to upload content?
    Login credentials will be provided. From the content design software, you may login to remote management to upload the content through cloud.

  3. Do you provide artwork design service?
    We do provide artwork design service and costs depends on customers requirement. For the PSG grant roll out, we will provide signage layout and help customer to populate the content for the first run. Customer to provide images, video, etc. based on the selected layout from our standard template available.

  4. How long will the training take?
    Training is 2 hours per session. Subsequently, if customer encounter problem with the content design software, we will remote support via Teamviewer.

  5. How long is the warranty?
    Intelli-Signage come with 1 year warranty.

  6. Any recurring fee?
    Yearly cloud subscription at S$250. All statistics (age and gender, touch click, heatmap report) are store at cloud for one year.

  7. If I don’t pay for cloud subscription, can I still use the software?
    Cloud subscription is for remote content upload and statistic. Customer can still update content via thumb-drive even the account is terminated.

  8. How much I need to pay for Intelli-Signage?
    Cost for Intelli-Signage is S$5000. SME can apply PSG grant via Business Grant Portal and receive up to 80% funding support for eligible cost. Customers pay S$5000 to Anewtech and submit the claim via business grant portal.