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The solution to creating limitless possibilities with HRMS.


Payboy is the most intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based Payroll & HR software on the market. Our software handles all your HR needs from payroll processing to leaves management and claim management, as well as shift scheduling and more. The constant advancement of our software ensures that we can cater to any business size and our clients’ needs for consistent growth.

Relevant Industries: All industries




A comprehensive offering of HR modules.

Easy to use and learn.

Integrated workflow.

Clean interface.

Useful features including IRAS-Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) and CPF & Bank file Generation.

  1. Is GIRO and CPF automated?
    GIRO and CPF are automated to a degree. Users are still required to download the GIRO and CPF files and upload them to the respective web portals. Our system will provide both the files and help in linking  you directly to these web portals.

  3. Can a function be customized/changed?
    Customization and changing of functions is possible but depending on the scope of the change or customization, we will either require extra time or resources must be devoted to the project.

  5. Can I customize my data reports?
    Yes, you can customize the template of the report depending on how you want your data to be presented.