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People Central provides Information Technology Solutions to customers across vertical markets. Within this short period of time, it is known as a company of reputation, built upon the solid building blocks of transparency and progressiveness. One of the main reasons for success is our unique and flexible way of functioning which allows us to adapt to the exact nature of any project in a relatively shorter span of time.

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Ready to use on the day of Implementation.

Easy and user-friendly interface.

In-built Integration for SafeEntry & TraceTogether Solution and Biometric attendance via hardware.

Geolocation and Geofencing attendance for remote working.

2FA Authentication, Secured and Data Protected.

ISO:27001 Certified solution, PDPA, Backup & Better Tools.

Hosted SaaS solution available 24/7.

  1. What is the solution offering?
    TimeCentral TIMESHEET MANAGEMENT solution assists clients in scheduling and rostering their workforce for automatic computation of attendance data. Mobile Attendance App allows recording and tracking of staff attendance with GPS location as well as the solution can be integrated with automatic devices or imported attendance data. Accessibility of data and timesheets is possible anytime and in real-time from the cloud and mobile apps.

  2. Does the solution come with a mobile APP?
    Yes, the solution has a mobile first approach, available both for IOS and Android devices.

  3. Does the Mobile have Geo Location and Geo Fencing feature? Yes, the solution has a built-in solution defining Geolocation for a location or project site and adds further security by Geo Fencing.

  4. What type of authentications are available for attendance on the mobile APP?
    TimeCentral mobile App has 4 authentication modes
    • Facial Recognition
    • Finger Print (Additional Hardware required)
    • QRCode
    • Selfie Mode


  5. Does the mobile App have Kiosk mode?
    Yes, Kiosk mode is available.

  6. What browsers and operating systems are supported?
    It is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla for running Application. The mobile apps can be installed on iOS & Android phones.

  7. How secure is the data?
    The Cloud Server is fully hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud with data security measures. Besides that, it is also integrated with SSL certificate on the website security with company having ISO 27001 certification.