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Kegmil FSM

A cloud-based field service management solution that helps maintenance servicing companies to improve operational efficiency, service performance and profitability.


Kegmil is revolutionizing the way mission-critical facilities and assets are repaired and maintained via complex systems of people and processes. We are on a mission to empower millions of deskless maintenance service professionals around the world with superior technology and insights to supercharge their operational efficiency, service performance and profitability. Our cloud-based, mobile-first software and IoT platform automates field activities and accelerate service to billing cycle from service initiation, scheduling and dispatch to work order execution, reporting and analytics.

Relevant Industries: Construction, Civil Engineering, Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Engineering, Facilities Management, Industrial and Heavy Equipment (Excavators, Cranes, Tractors etc.), Process Construction & Maintenance (PCM) Sector




Drive Operational Efficiency - reduce time & operating costs

Technician Utilization - optimize manpower resources

Improve Service Performance - win contracts & grow revenue

Gain Visibility & Insights - make fast & data-driven decisions

Retain “Tribal” Knowledge - tackle skilled labour shortage problem

  1. How does your pricing work?
    Kegmil FSM is available to purchase on a per-user license and annual subscription basis, with a minimum one-year commitment.

  2. How do you define “user”?
    A user is any named person who logs into Kegmil. E.g. each technician, planner, admin, or manager will have their own user license.

  3. Do you offer a free trial?
    Yes, we offer our potential customers a non-obligatory 30-day free trial.

  4. Are there any setup or hardware fees?
    Yes, there is a one-time implementation fee ranging from S$5K to $7K based on the selected price plans between 10, 25, 40, 60 or 100 user licenses. We will help SMEs in Singapore qualified for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) to defray 80% of both the one-time set up and first year subscription fees.

  5. What level of support comes with my subscription plan?
    All plans receive free product upgrades and support by our Customer Success team via email, phone, chat and knowledge base.

  6. Do you offer software customization?
    Yes, our Professional Services team will work with you and/or other services/implementation partners to support your business objectives.

  7. Do you offer IoT development and integration services?
    Yes, we are hardware agnostic and can integrate with 3rd party sensors to ingest stream processing data for continuous asset monitoring. We support protocols such as MQTT, low power device via RESTful API over HTTP, and have experience with LPWAN technologies such as NB IoT and LoRaWan.

  8. Are there any system requirements?
    Kegmil’s mobile app supports both IOS and Android devices. Back-office team typically uses Kegmil via web browsers, so internet connection is required.

  9. Can your mobile app work without internet connection?
    Yes, our app supports offline mode. Users can execute work without internet.

  10. Who can help us to digitize all our paper forms and checklists?
    Our intuitive checklist builder is extremely easy to use and requires no coding to create/edit all your equipment maintenance, inspection and safety related checklists. Our team will help you digitise them during implementation as well.

  11. Is there sufficient file storage if we take a lot of photos?
    We offer 50GB of storage per user license, more than sufficient for most cases

  12. Does Kegmil offer self-hosting options?
    No, to ensure the security and integrity of our platform, Kegmil FSM is a cloud-based solution provided directly through our servers. Our Professional Services team will be glad to explore hybrid-cloud options with our local MSPs partners should that be an essential requirement.

  13. How do you keep our data private and secure?
    At Kegmil we take security very seriously. Data is encrypted using 256-bit AES, SSL/TLS to protect data at rest and in transit, with secure, multi-tenant architecture, hosting and physical security (AWS), network protection, security monitoring, event logging, and best practices in authentication, transmission, storage and hashing of passwords/credentials to prevent unauthorized access.