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Ever-innovating Point-of-Sales provider specializing in all-in-one F&B and Retail POS and Payment solutions.


Weebo Pte Ltd is a Singapore based start-up Point-of-Sale (POS) company established in 2013. Weebo is committed to serving Small-Medium Enterprise (SMEs) and Sole Proprietorships as a POS provider that provides truly enterprising solutions. With our cloud-based POS solution, business owners can streamline their operations with integrated solutions and view live sales report with real time data captured.

A good POS system is more than just capturing sales records, it helps business owners to understand their consumers and business patterns to make smarter decisions. We aim to build and provide consumer centric software and products to ensure businesses to achieve growth.

Relevant Industries: Food & Beverage (F&B) and Retail & Consumer Goods




A very versatile solution that can cater to multiple industries.

User-friendly interface.

All in one solution comprising of inventory management, CRM, sales reporting and promotion management.

Integrated to most of the malls in Singapore for Gross Turn Over (GTO).

Cloud based solution eliminates the need of having an on-premise server.

  1. Is your solution cloud-based?
    Yes, our solution is an Android cloud-based solution.

  2. Are there recurring subscription charges?
    There are no subscription fees but there is a maintenance costs for the cloud server and technical support.

  3. How much is your maintenance fee?
    The maintenance fees will be $385.20 (inclusive of GST).

  4. Do we have to go through you to change our menu?
    No, we provide front-end and backend trainings for end-users to do any future menu and promotional changes.

  5. Can it be used without internet connection?
    Basic POS functions can be done without internet connection. However, internet will be needed for uploads to the cloud and for syncing of the inventory.