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A leading and innovative software solution provider established to provide intelligent productivity solutions.


RAVENPOS emerge to address the growing needs of the economy in creating and nourishing enterprises with the surging demands for an effective enterprise grade point of sales that provides comprehensive reports and information that are crucial for cash flow monitoring, business & marketing planning and other important corporate decisions.

Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering with optimal results backed by strong quality control on all our deliverables be it standalone or complete turnkey solution.

Technology is propelling our growth. We're focus on technologies that will improve the ways on how businesses are operated today. We are investing in the development of emerging software & hardware technologies, such as finding better ways to improve the overall customer experience, optimize system performance, creating software or hardware modules that will literally help operators regardless of seniority or computer literacy to easily master and use our system.

Last but not least, all these will not be possible without the strong support from our customers, suppliers and partners who have contributed significantly to our success and a driving force that helps us find newer, smarter and friendlier system to create a revolutionary digital experience for the world.

Relevant Industries: Food & Beverage (F&B), Wholesale and General Retail, Transport - Auto Repair shops & Beauty and Service Industry




Operational friendliness where sales can be transacted within a few key steps.

Comprehensive reporting for forecasting and business planning.

Scalable - business and outlets expansion with the ability to integrate, manage and control all inventory.

Improve business efficiency by streamlining operational processes through our suite of automation modules.

Industrial grade durable and stable hardware proven to work in harsh environment.

Minimal after-sales support needed as the system is designed to ease learning curve and can be easily mastered by non-IT savvy users.

  1. Is the solution perpetual or on subscription basis?
    Perpetual for the Point of sale residing in the POS machine. However, for solution involving cloud system, there will be an annual fee.

  2. Are there any limit to the number of SKU/Inventory?

  3. Are there any limits to the number of user account that can be created?

  4. Is the system able to generate reports on a daily, monthly basis?
    All our reports goes by date range so it will be up to the user to select the required date range.

  5. Specific to beauty and service industry. Can the system track packages?
    Yes, our system can track packages by credit and sessions.

  6. Specific to beauty and service industry. Can the system generate report to show sales by staff in order to facilitate commission calculation?
    Yes, we have reports to show sales by staff on packages and standard product/services.

  7. Specific to F&B industry. Can the system interface with multiple printers for kitchen and bar printing?
    Yes. We can interface with multiple kitchens and bar printers to facilitate food preparation for different department.

  8. Does your system come with user access control?
    Yes, our systems include user access control for setting up users with different access rights.