Digital Transformation Alliance


Optimizing Business Solutions for F&B and Retail.


LevelFive Solutions was established in Singapore since 2008, where we started out as a software development company. Over the years, we are growing rapidly due to 5 key factors of our system design; Stability, Scalability, Ease of Use, Ability to Customize and Open integration with others.


For F&B business, optimize your productivity and operational efficiency with DinePlan, our integrated suite of solutions offered under LFSuite, where our cloud-hybrid POS includes waiter and customer ordering, digital ordering and payment. Back-end modules consists of procurement and recipe management, central kitchen management and catering capabilities.

For retail business, we have RetailPlan suite of solutions under our LFSuite, that helps to better manage your sales, invoicing, procurement and inventory management along with online ordering capabilities (E-Store).


All data and configurations are managed from our online central management console LFConnect, where we provide intuitive sales and analytical reports for you.

Relevant Industries: Food & Beverage (F&B) & Retail


Stability and scalability of the system.

Ease of use of the system.

Ability to customize and open integration capability with others.

  1. How does the solution improve business operation flow?
    The solution helps to digitalize and improve business operations by replacing manual processes such as taking orders with paper, or calling out orders to the kitchen. It will also help curb current business challenges such as manpower issues and tabulating sales collection.

  2. How does the solutions link up with each other?
    The solution is integrated locally to the Point of Sales (POS), which is synced via the internet to the central management console on the cloud.