Digital Transformation Alliance


A One Stop IT provider, Empowering Businesses.


With proven track records, with Vue Tech. You can bring your business to another level. With professional SEM and SEO services, we can improve your business branding, generate more leads, and most importantly, more profits.

Relevant Industries: All industries




Attractive Ecommerce website ready to improve customer business.

Fraud protection against competitors and bots.

Get to experience Search Engine Marketing up to $1000 worth of credit (premium package only).

Improve efficiency as most of the operations are automated.

  1. Are there any other fees (yearly, subscription, etc)?
    There will be an annual fee of $500 depending on the sever host and maintenance. The more space they need, the higher the price.

  2. Is the Marketing free?
    We provide SEO consultation for a month (up to 10 keywords), should customers want to have this consultation service, it will be chargeable subsequently based on their requirements. We also charge a 20% for campaign advertising (Pay per Click) For instance, customer spends $1,000 on marketing, we charge 20% for running the campaign for them.