For over 10 years, Mediaplus Digital has helped a wide range of businesses from every industry to grow their digital presences by creating impactful websites and implementing data-driven marketing strategies.

Relevant Industries: All industries


MPD E-Commerce SMEs Version – Elite

Software / Subscription fee

  • Creation, Setup & Implementation of E-Commerce
  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Inventory & Delivery Management Module (i.e. Manage Inventory, Custom Shipping, Local Shipping)
  • Sales & Promotion Module
  • E-Payment Module (i.e. Direct Bank Transfer / Paynow, PayPal)
  • Advanced Content Management Module
  • E-Commerce Features (i.e. Coupon Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, Wishlists, Items Reviews)
  • Dashboard
  • Invoice Module
  • Customer Membership system
  • Reward Points module
  • Shopping Cart feature
  • Abandon Cart feature
  • Guest Check out
  • Enhanced Security (Malware Scanning & Firewall)


Onsite SEO

  • Page Title & Meta Description Optimisation
  • Header Optimisation (H1 – H2)
  • Image Optimisation (Alt Tag and Rename)
  • SEO URL Rewriting Recommendations


Live Chat

  • Chat with Agents
  • Respond from Mobile
  • Chat history
  • Auto initiate chat to visitors


Professional Services

  • Specification gathering and consultation
  • Frontend design and conceptualisation
  • Backend program and development
  • Set up and configuration
  • Uploading of up to 100 products
  • Web Design and Conceptualization
  • Data Analytics
  • Acceptance Test
  • Mobile/Tablet responsive templating
  • SEO Friendly URLs Rewriting
  • Design of Slideshows / Banners / Favicon
  • Google Live Map Integration
  • Creation of Enquiry Forms / Thank You page
  • Complimentary of 50 Stock Images
  • Website Loading Speed Optimisation
  • Integration to Social Media Platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Content writing for 5 Pages
  • 12 months Technical Support
  • 1 x Training for up to 3 Pax



Gain exposure & digital presence online with a proprietary website.


Provide an online catalogue for customer customers to make order and payment online.


Increase revenue with upsell and cross sell opportunities.


Improve efficiency as most of the operations are automated.



  1. Does your package include designing of the website?
    Yes. We have in house designers that is dedicated to give you unique design that portrays your brand accurately with a seamless user journey.

  2. What is the Content Management Systems (CMS) your company will be using to develop the website?
    WordPress WooCommerce, as it is ideal for SEO and User friendly.

  3. Does your website have any limits to the number of pages or products I can have?
    No, WordPress WooCommerce allows you to upload unlimited number of pages and products.

  4. What payment gateway does your website support?
    WordPress WooCommerce supports most payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, PayNow etc.

  5. What is the timeline of the website development?
    With your co-operation, we aim to launch the website in approximately 4 months after the PSG application approval.

  6. How many revisions am I able to make for my homepage mockup?
    Mediaplus Digital provides unlimited revisions for the homepage mockup with only a condition of providing us with 5 constructive feedback points.