Would you prefer that your business data work for you rather than you labor for it? Let us help you digitize your entire operation.

Illum 9 is a Singapore based software company specializes in providing ERP and CRM solutions. With our vision of enabling winners in digital transformation and helping customers run smarter businesses, Illum (9) strives towards providing more than what is the norm. ERP/CRM covers only 60% of your IT system needs, we cover the rest with vertical add-ons and strategy advisory.

Relevant Industries: Consumer Goods Distribution, 3rd Party Logistic Warehousing Service, Retail, Food and Beverage (F&B), Food Manufacturing and Warranty and Service Management


MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Business Central Version SAAS - Small Business Basic

  • 3 Users with standard setup

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Business Central Version SAAS - Small Business

  • 3 users with basic setup and configuration

MICROSOFT DYNAMICS 365 Business Central Version SAAS – Growing Enterprise

  • 5 users with customization



Time saving


No double entry


Aids in strategic planning



  1. How is Business Central related to Dynamics Navision?
    Dynamics 365 Business Central is just the new name for Dynamics Navision. The update of the Dynamics NAV brand has changed and so has the technology beneath it.  We've also said goodbye to the Windows client altogether, as the modern clients (Web, Tablet, Mobile and Outlook) take precedence. The look and feel of the product are different: modern and clean with key information highlighted for each user at the top of the role centre.  As has always been the case with this product, the core functionality remains the same and is being improved as time goes on. 

  2. What industry does Business Central support?
    Business Central is super flexible and, as such, can be adapted to work from any industry - from retailers to distributors, food producers to financial services - it can work for them all. Industry-specific add-ons, available from Microsoft's AppSource or directly from Partners like us, mean that no matter what your industry requirement, there's bound to be a solution ready and waiting for you.

  3. Can I make changes to the way it works?
    Yes - Business Central can be modified by 'extensions'. Extensions are little bits of code that hook into the core solution code in order to change the way that it works. They are incredibly clever because they allow developers to make changes to your solution, even if it is hosted in a public environment, without affecting all the other systems which are hosted in that same environment. With extensions, Microsoft have provided the ultimate 'Software as a Service Platform' (SAAS) which you can tailor and modify to suit your business.

  4. What has Office 365 got to do with this? 
    Now familiar to most businesses, Office 365 helps organizations with the smooth running of their day-to-day tasks with tools to help with collaboration, security, analytics and mobile access, no matter where you are or what device you are using. Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates with Office 365 seamlessly, unifying your business like never before.

  5. What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? 
    Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that's easy to use and adapt - its purpose is to help you get an overall view of your business. It is what is commonly referred to as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution and is designed to cover all your business processes from finance to sales, purchasing, warehouse management to general reporting.