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A software-agnostic company that helps to provide solutions for businesses' digital needs.


361 Degree Consultancy is a software-agnostic company that helps to provide solutions for businesses' digital needs. Being a leading cloud integrator, we are proud to represent multiple software solutions. With the variety of solutions at hand, we provide only unbiased recommendations for our clients. As a PSG pre-approved vendor, we can propose the most appropriate and value-for-money solutions for businesses, by tapping on government grants to maximize returns and minimize costs.

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Direct bank feeds – cut up to 80% of time on bank reconciliation.

Improve cashflow with faster payments via online invoices.

Save time and admin costs with the ability to schedule payments and batch pay suppliers and allow Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for expenses.

  1. How do I access further assistance from 361 team?
    We provide assistance in a number of different ways, so our customers are never left out in the cold. We provide a handy live chat client and telephone line during business hours and an email contact outside of business hours. We also publish resources on our blog platform.

  2. Can I grow my Xero Cloud Accounting solution so that it scales with my business?
    Yes, you can. The Xero solution is a flexible and it provides an effective accounting service for small businesses in Singapore and beyond, even as they grow. Head to the Xero app marketplace and find a suite of applications that you can add on to your solution to make it as effective as possible.

  3. What is the 361 team’s background? Why should I work with you?
    We have spent more than a decade helping small businesses achieve the services they need to grow and thrive in the domestic and international markets. We are excited by the opportunity to do the same for you. The team at 361 has also been awarded the Xero Gold Award in the 2019 Xero Roadshow.

  4. What is the difference between buying from 361 and subscribing directly from Xero?
    We are a Xero Platinum partner and the price is the same whether you buy from us or Xero directly. However, you will get more from us especially,
    • Value-added services such as consulting & professional service
    • Personalized support (Xero only provide FAQ & email support)
    • 80% PSG grant (no grant if you purchase from Xero directly)

  5. Can I migrate data from my previous accounting software to Xero?
    Yes, migration is our specialty. Whether you are using MYOB, Quickbooks, UBS, Tally, SAP or other accounting software, we will be able to migrate the information over to your new Xero.

    Please take note that NOT all Xero partners have such capabilities.

  6. How do I backup my data with Xero?
    There is no need to backup as Xero is a cloud accounting system. Nonetheless, if you wish to backup, you may simply download all the information.

    Xero uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it is backed up 24/7 in 3 different locations around the world.

  7. How can I integrate my Xero accounting to another system such as HR, Inventory management, E-Commerce & etc?
    Yes, as a pioneer and leading cloud integrator in Singapore and Malaysia, we assist you in integrating different systems together whether is inventory, e-commerce, expense management, project management & etc. It saves time and make it a seamless experience.

  8. Xero is cloud and it is hackable, is it safe?
    Xero is an ASX listed company in Australia that is ISO 27001 certified and SOC3 audited. This is a very high level of assurance that Xero has taken all the necessary steps to ensure your data is safe and secure.

  9. Xero is “too expensive”?
    When we consider the cost of something, we also need to put a value on time spent doing these jobs. Xero easily helps businesses to recover the cost from mundane tasks.

    For example:

    An average bank reconciliation done manually takes around 8 hours. If you are able to do this faster inside Xero, the time saved allows you to be able to do other things that help drive your business forward.

    Chasing debtors for money owed can be a very time-consuming task. With Xero, automatic email invoice reminders will help you get paid faster without having to spend time chasing debtors.