Digital Transformation Alliance


Specialized in E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems


Bona Technologies is a pre-approved SMEs Go Digital vendor specializing in Ecommerce Website & Point of Sales Software equipped with Enterprise Resource Planning modules.

Bona Technologies have the capacity ranging from E-commerce customization, web development, delivery management, and payment gateways as well as online marketing, inventory management, customer relationship management, order processing and more.

Relevant Industries: Retail & Consumer Goods




Maximize revenue with creation of another shop at minimum cost.

Timely data for better decision making.

Customizable to suit respective businesses needs.

  1. What is Lala move rate?
    Lalamove asks for quote and orders with multiple stops will incur an additional charge of
    S$3.00 per stop for motorcycles
    S$5.00 per stop for cars
    S$8.00 per stop for 1.7m vans
    S$11.00 per stop for 2.4m vans
    S$17.00 per stop for lorries.

  2. Does Ninja Van charge a fee to collect Cash on Delivery (COD)?
    There will be a $1 fee + GST or 3% fee + GST (whichever is higher) will be charged to you. This amount is directly deducted from the next payment to your bank account.

  3. What are the mode of payment that Bona is accepting?
    Standard selection will be "PayPal or Stripe". We will explore if client requires other mode.