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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enterprise Data Passport (EDP)?
EDP is an unique feature of Enterprise Mobile plans where it offers data roamers to utilise local data bundle over 75 destinations. This feature is turned on permanently.
Can I subscribe additional data passport VAS onto this plan?
These bill plans come with Enterprise Data Passport (EDP). Is there an option to opt out of EDP?
No, it is part of the offered bundle with no option to disable.
If a country is not listed within the EDP coverage, am I still able to use data roaming in those countries?
Yes, you are able to use data roaming on prevailing roaming mobile data charges. Rates start from $0.20 per 10KB.
How do I ensure I’m logged on to the preferred network in overseas country which is covered in the Enterprise Data Passport?
Turn on cellular data and data roaming in Phone Settings. Your phone will connect to a preferred network automatically. Alternatively, manually search and select Enterprise Data Passport.

Enjoy a peace of mind when you data roam with our complimentary Network Lock feature in Enterprise Mobile plans. You can use data on our preferred network without incurring unintended data charges. At the same time, you have the flexibility to make calls and send SMS on all networks.
Can I sign-up for Data Upsize/Add-on?
No. Excess local data is charged at half price at $5.35 per GB and capped at $295.32 per month.
Can I subscribe to Multi-SIM on this plan?
Yes. It costs an additional $15 (irrespective number of Multi-SIM) on top of an existing Multi SIM subscription.
What are the sign up options for these new bill plans?
  • 24 months smartphone contract
    • EM 3+ is equivalent to Lite+ plan
    • EM 12+ is equivalent to Reg plan.
    • EM X+ is equivalent to Max plan
  • SIM-only plans
    • 1st month subscription with no pro-ration
    • 2nd month onwards, subscription will be pro-rated if terminated
How do I view my usage on this plan?
The usage can be viewed on My M1 app. Simply download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.