M1 eBill


        Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why choose eBill?
    We want to do our part to positively affect change for the environment. Every small but collective effort counts. Let's do our part and minimise our carbon footprint together!

2. What is the M1 eBill?
    The M1 eBill is the electronic version of your billing account statement. Simply follow the instructions to retrieve and view your eBills;

For Bespoke plans:
My M1+ App

For other plans and Fibre Broadband;
My M1 App or Manage My Account at www.m1.com.sg using your M1 ID.

3.What are the benefits of using M1 eBill?

  • Enjoy easy access to your bills and account information, anytime and anywhere. No more misplacing your paper bills.
  • Get notified immediately through e-mail or SMS when your eBill is ready.
  • View and retrieve PDF bills for better management of your account.


4. Who is eligible for M1 eBill?
    All M1 Postpaid mobile and fixed services customers.

5. Do I have to pay to view M1 eBill?
    This service is complimentary.

6. When will I start to receive my M1 eBill?
    Once successfully registered, you will receive eBill from the next or following month’s bill. You will receive an email, SMS  and/or app notification (where applicable) informing you that your bill is ready for viewing.

7. I do not have an email account. How do I get one?
     Customers can sign up for a free email account at any of the following sites:

8. How can I change my registered email address?
    Here are the steps to change your registered eBill email address;

    For Bespoke plans:
    My M1+ App: “More”

    For other plans and Fibre Broadband;
    My M1 App: “Bill” → “eBill”, or “More” → “Update eBill”

    Manage My Account: “Billings & Usage” → “eBill” → "Edit"

9. How many M1 eBill(s) will be stored in the App for access?
    For Bespoke plans:
    You can access your current bill via My M1+ App.

    For other plans and Fibre Broadband;
    You can access up to last 6 bills via My M1 App.

10. Can I discontinue M1 eBill service and switch back to receiving monthly paper bills in the future?
      For Bespoke plans:
      There is no option for paper bills at the moment.

      For other plans and Fibre Broadband;
      Yes. You can cancel your M1 eBill service and we will resume or start sending monthly paper bills by post in the following month to your registered billing address. If you cancel your M1 eBill service, an additional monthly recurring charge of $2.70 per bill per billing account will be chargeable for the monthly paper bills, unless otherwise stated.

11. Why have I not received any email notifications to view my M1 eBill?
         If you have not received the notification, it could be because:

  • The email has been delivered to your spam mail folder.
  • There is insufficient mailbox space.
  • There is an email server problem.

12. How do I check that the Internet email address I registered is correct?

      Please validate your email address via the My M1+ App or My M1 App.

13. Can I exclude M1 eBill arrangements for selected services under the same account?
      No, we are unable to make this arrangement.

14. Can I request for notifications once my eBill is ready?
      All customers on M1 eBill arrangements will receive email, SMS or app notifications.

15. Can I continue to have print itemised bills monthly even though I have applied for M1 eBill?
      No, there is no option at the moment. Moreover, there is no itemised bills for Bespoke plans. If you have requested for monthly itemised bills for other plans such as Plan with Device, SIM-only, etc, they will be sent to you via M1 eBill too.