Terms and Conditions



  1. TalkShare Plans are open to companies with more than S$2 paid-up capital. TalkShare Plan is not applicable to Corporate Individual (CORI) customers. M1 retains the discretion to determine eligibility.

  2. M1 customers eligible for the TalkShare Plans must have their corporate accounts registered with M1 under their respective company names and Business Registration numbers.

  3. Only M1 mobile lines registered under the same company name and Business Registration Number are allowed to be grouped under the same TalkShare plan.

  4. Free bundled local outgoing talktime and SMS can only be shared by M1 mobile lines under the same TalkShare plan.

  5. Each mobile line is eligible for one normal handset contract.

  6. Minimum subscription period is 3 months per mobile line. A surcharge for breaking the contract is S$32.70 (including 9% GST) per mobile line for each month.

  7. Lateral change of plan or downgrades is subject to a one-time charge of S$21.80 (including 9% GST) per mobile line.

  8. Local voice call rate applies to all free IDD 021 calls made and is deductible from the free local outgoing talktime bundle.

  9. Free bundled talktime and SMS extends to local usage unless otherwise stated.

  10. Subscribers are not eligible to sign up for Family and Friends service.

  11. The prices stated are inclusive of 9% GST.

  12. M1 reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of any promotion at any point without prior notice. M1 registration guidelines and general terms and conditions apply. Other terms and conditions apply.