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From the moment you touch down, the M Card makes sure you’re connected wherever you are.

The Right Pack Wherever You Go

Skip the queue and use your data in up to 17 countries!

$15 Roaming Pack

2GB Data + 10 mins Calls
10 days validitiy 
(120 days SIM Validity)

Australia • Bangladesh • Cambodia • Hong Kong • Indonesia • Macau • Malaysia • Sri Lanka • Taiwan • Thailand • UK • USA

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$28 Roaming Pack

2GB Data + 10 mins Calls
10 days Validity

(180 days SIM Validity)

Countries listed in $15 Roaming Pack. Plus: Japan • New Zealand • Philippines • Saudi Arabia • South Korea

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Let’s get started!

Step 1: Insert SIM. Download M1 Prepaid App or login to M1 Prepaid Portal.

Step 2: Activate your preferred Data Pack or Roaming Pack (only for selected countries)

Step 3: Activate Data Roaming

• Go to M1 Prepaid App or M1 Prepaid Portal Settings. Turn “ON” Local Data, Data Roaming and Network Lock OR Dial #100*8*1# on your phone and select "Enable data roaming"
• Turn “ON” Mobile Data and Data Roaming in phone settings.

Tip: The Network Lock feature will connect you automatically to our preferred roaming partners’ network upon arrival.

Preferred Network

CountriesPreferred Networks
BangladeshRobi Axiata
CambodiaSmart Axiata
Hong KongSmarTone
XL Axiata
New ZealandVodafone NZ
Two Degrees
Saudi ArabiaMobily
Sri LankaDialog Axiata
South KoreaSK Telecom
KT Corporation
TaiwanChunghwa Telecom
QatarNo preferred network






M1 - Prepaid Roaming SIM Card in Singapore


When you’re planning a trip overseas, there are so many things you need to take care of before you leave. From booking plane tickets and hotels to packing and buying new gear — the list is seemingly endless. One of the most important things to remember while you’re travelling is to ensure you’re going to be able to stay connected with your family andke you’re at home. With M1, you can bid adieu to solely relying on free hotel and cafe Wi-Fi staying connected from the moment you touch down. Offering wonderfully affordable prepaid plans for international roaming to a large number of countries via our amazing M Card, you can roam to your heart’s content.

One International SIM Card to Rule Them All

A major benefit of the M Card international SIM is its easy setup and top-up process when you’re out and about in a foreign country. All you need to do is log into the M1 Prepaid Portal or Prepaid App and load up on your main balance based on your needs. Running out of data midway through your trip? Fret not! From Prepaid 4G Data Packs to Prepaid 4G Social Packs, you can purchase multiple packages so that your Prepaid SIM card never runs out of juice while roaming countries beyond Singapore.

Easy Roaming with the M Card Prepaid SIM Card

With our prepaid SIM card, you can choose from 2 new Prepaid Roaming Packs. Both Roaming Packs come with 2GB of data and 10 minutes of free outgoing calls and have a 10-day validity period from the day of activation. Since the SIM validity can range from 120 to 180 days, you can always go back to your Prepaid App and load up on the Roaming Packs whenever required. Not sure if you’re running out of data and need to top it up? Fret not, M1 will send you a low balance notification when your data hits 200MB and 500MB.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the different Prepaid Roaming Packs available and decide which is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prepaid International Roaming Plans

How do I activate prepaid roaming on M1?

It couldn’t be easier to activate roaming on your M1 prepaid M Card. When you are purchasing a Roaming Pack to add to your Prepaid SIM card, you will be prompted to select your preferred activation date either on the M1 Prepaid App or your M1 Prepaid Account @ mcardaccount.m1.com.sg.

What is the best international roaming prepaid?

This boils down to your needs and personal preference. Would you prefer coverage in 12 or 17 countries? Perhaps you’d want your Prepaid SIM card to be valid for a longer period throughout your international travels. Whatever the case, the features and rates of the M Card remain unrivalled.

How do I register my prepaid SIM card?

If you don’t yet have a SIM card for prepaid international roaming, simply visit an M1 shop or a Prepaid Preferred Partner, and we’ll get everything sorted out for you. If you’ve purchased a Prepaid Tourist SIM, registration is compulsory upon purchase — so be sure to bring all the necessary documents with you. For more information, refer to our Prepaid FAQ page .