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  1. Silver Benefits are valid at point of
    • New sign-ups or change bill plan to SIM-only Plans
    • New sign-ups or re-contracts to 2-year selected Contract with Bespoke Contract Plan
    Silver Benefits Eligible Bill Plan
    • 25% off monthly plan subscription
    • Free 3 months TVBAnywhere+
    • Free 3 months Viu Premium
    • SIM-only Plans
    • Bespoke Contract $59.95 Plan
    • Bespoke Contract $75.95 Plan                           
    • Free 1 month FoneCare+ (refer to clause 8)  • Bespoke Contract $59.95 Plan
    • Bespoke Contract $75.95 Plan 

  2. Registration of Silver Benefits is valid for new sign-ups, bill plan change or re-contracts at M1 Shops or Online.
    – Not available for bill plan change via My M1+ App

  3. To be eligible for Silver Benefits, the applicant (“Senior”) must be aged 60 years or above, as indicated by year of birth, at point of sign-up, re-contract, or bill plan change. He/she must present a valid NRIC.

  4. Each Senior may use his/her NRIC for one postpaid mobile line only. Senior must sign up personally and the mobile line must be registered under Senior’s name.

  5. Silver Benefits are mutually exclusive with the following:
    1. Mobile Access for Seniors Plan
    2. Multi-Line Saver (MLS) or Multi-Service Saver (MSS) programme. For Seniors who switch to plans with Silver Benefits, your MLS or MLS eligibility will be re-determined accordingly
    3. Partner Benefits e.g. SAFRA
    4. Any other promotions or discounts

  6. 25% off monthly plan subscription
    • 25% subscription discount is applicable on the monthly mobile plan subscription (excluding value-added services, usage charges and/or other fees or charges)
    • For customers who sign up for Contract with Device Plan, 25% discount will apply on Base Plan ($59.95/mth) and the Plan Add-on ($16) respectively
    • For SIM-only Plan, 25% off monthly subscription is applicable off the listed price. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion and discounts, unless otherwise stated.
    • Discount will not be applicable once Senior changes to an ineligible plan

  7. Free 3 months TVBAnywhere+ and Viu Premium Promotion
    • Promotional waiver of subscription for TVBAnywhere+ and Viu Premium is applicable for first 3 months. Thereafter, monthly subscription of $5.07 and $8.98 apply respectively and will not be pro-rated under any circumstances.
    • Senior must subscribe to TVBAnywhere+ and Viu Premium at point of sign-up, bill plan change or re-contract to enjoy full 3 months discount. Seniors who choose to subscribe to the services at a later point will not enjoy the full 3 months discount.

  8. Free 1 month FoneCare+ Pro Promotion
    • Eligible Seniors will enjoy a waiver of the subscription fee for the first month of their FoneCare+ subscription. Thereafter, prevailing subscription charges for FoneCare+ will apply.
    • Subscription to FoneCare+ is subject to applicable terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions of FoneCare+, please click here.

  9. All services are subject to M1 registration guidelines, General Terms and Conditions, M1 Data Protection Policy, other applicable specific terms and conditions available at In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the terms, such conflict or inconsistency shall, in the absence of any express agreement to the contrary, be resolved in a manner most favourable to M1, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws.

  10. M1 reserves the right to vary any term or condition or to suspend, terminate or postpone the Promotion at its sole discretion. M1 will, where it is practicable to do so, give customers advance notice (which may be through written notice, electronic mail, letters, M1 website, bills or such other forms as M1 deems appropriate) of such changes.

  11. Promotion is not valid for Corporate Individual (CORI) customers and customers whose mobile lines are registered under company’s name.

  12. Promotion cannot be used with other discounts, vouchers or promotions, unless otherwise stated. Any unutilised amount for this Promotion will not be refunded and cannot be used to offset other promotions.