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Terms & Conditions


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Dinotopia Terms & Conditions



100% payment is required as confirmation of booking at least 1 month prior to the visit date. The booking will be cancelled if payment is not received promptly.

50% cancellation fee will be levied for any cancellation made within 1 month before the tour date.

Tour fees will be charged based on the quantity stated. Should the actual number of participants shown be higher than the stated number, additional charges will apply.

The cancellation policy is deemed to be accepted by participants upon M1’s receipt of the booking form.

Cancellations and no-show policy:

Any cancellations or amendments must be requested at least 40 days before the scheduled tour date. In the case of no shows, or late cancellations, charges shall apply.

Privacy Policy:

Information collected in this form is for administrative purposes related to the booking of Dino-topia tours, and will not be shared with third parties. We request contact information to be able to contact you for clarifications or to discuss alternate arrangements. We ask for the teaching level of participants in order to plan and adjust the level at which programmes are delivered. By attending the tour, participants consent to M1 taking, editing and reproducing photographs or recordings of participants for marketing and publicity purposes, without prior approval or compensation, and in compliance with M1’s Privacy Policy.



  1. Waiver of liability
    1. Participating students must be accompanied by teachers at all times (recommended ratio of 1 teacher to 10 students, or a smaller ratio size where it is reasonable to do so), during the entire duration of the tour and any hands-on activity.
    2. Any person who participates does so entirely at his/her own risk and shall be deemed to have understood the risks and conditions associated with the tour. The Company and/or its’s employees is solely responsible for the well-being, discipline and safety of the participants during the whole conduct of the tour.
    3. While M1 will do their best to ensure safety and well-being of the participants, M1’s employees and agents shall not be responsible or liable in any way for any for any death, personal injury, loss or damage to participants arising out of his/her participation in the tour.
    4. The Company shall indemnify M1 for all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses or other liability which M1 or its employees or agents may suffer or incur, or which may be brought against M1 or its employees or agents.

  2. Medical emergencies
    1. Where necessary in the event of an accident or other emergency occurring to the participant, M1 may at its sole discretion and expense, provide medical or other types of assistance. You agree not to hold M1 responsible for actions relating to any such medical or emergency treatment. Further, such exercise of discretion shall not be deemed as an admission of liability by M1 for any injury or loss sustained.

  3. Proper usage of equipment
    1. The equipment (e.g. tablet) must be used only in the manner as instructed by M1 staff.
    2. The Company shall take responsibility to safeguard the equipment and use it only under the supervision of M1 staff.
    3. Should the equipment be damaged by any of the participants, the Company will be liable for the cost of replacing the faulty item(s).
    4. Any improper usage of the equipment may incur damage charges, for which the Company will be liable for.

  4. Safety
    1. Participants shall adhere to the safety rules and regulations of venue, and at all times not cause nuisance, annoyance or cause damage or injury to the venue (including injury to the venue’s reputation), the other occupiers or users of the venue. M1 reserves the right to stop the workshop or the participant from taking part if there is a breach in safety rules.

  5. General
    1. These conditions shall in all aspects, be governed by the law of Singapore.
    2. M1 Limited is the authorised billing and collecting agent for services subscribed under the M1 Group (comprising M1 Limited, M1 Net and M1 Connect Pte Ltd). You and M1 Net hereby authorise M1 Limited to invoice and collect any due charges from you on behalf of M1 Net.
    3. M1 Net reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the promotion or any Terms and Conditions without prior notice to the Customer.