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Terms and Conditions

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Data Usage Alert

1. Data Usage Alert service by SMS (“the Service”) will be available to M1 postpaid customers only on selected mobile and mobile broadband plans, as determined by M1 from time to time.
2. The Service will be provided free of charge.
3. The SMS alerts under the Service are sent at reaching 75%, 90% and 100% of the customer’s total local data bundle (which is inclusive of data bundle from mobile plan, Data+ Add-on, Upsized Data, Youth Benefits, Senior Benefits and free data promotions if applicable).
4. The Service will apply to local data usage, including Data Passport usage, and the Service will be based on Singapore Time, which is GMT +8.
5. The tracking of data usage under the Service will be reset in the following instances:
  • Activation of the Service;
  • Account maintenance which results in a change in data bundle (such as change in mobile plan, addition or termination of Data+ Add-on / Upsized Data, addition or expiry of free data benefits);
  • Change of billing cycle;
  • At the start of each new billing cycle; or
  • At any other time as determined by M1

6. For customers who have subscribed to Multi-SIMs, SMS alerts under the Service will only be sent to the Primary SIM.
7. Customers may not receive SMS alerts under the Service in the following instances:
  • Handset is not switched on or logged onto an active data session
  • Where a SIM card is used in certain devices such as mobile broadband modems and tablets
  • Any other circumstances or delay not within M1’s reasonable control

8. SMS alerts under the Service may be delayed for various reasons and actual usage may be higher or lower than at the point of customer's receipt of the SMS alerts under the Service.
9. For the avoidance of doubt:
  • Customer shall nevertheless be responsible for any data usage incurred irrespective of the provision of the Service ; and
  • M1 shall not be liable if, for any reason whatsoever and howsoever arising, the Service is defective, delayed and/or the customer fails to receive the Service or the SMS alerts under the Service at any time, and M1 makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Service or the SMS alerts under the Service (including but not limited to any warranties on reliability, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, accuracy or interruption-free) and M1’s general terms and conditions shall additionally apply

10. The provision of the Service may be withdrawn and/or the terms of the Service may be amended, at any time at M1’s discretion.
11. All services are subject to M1’s General Terms and Conditions, other applicable terms and conditions on M1 website, available at In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any terms, such conflict or inconsistency shall, in the absence of any express agreement to the contrary, be resolved in a manner most favourable to M1, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws.