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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Netflix?
    Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies. It allows subscribers to gain access to unlimited TV shows and movies anytime, anywhere.

  2. Is Netflix a Premium Rate Service (PRS)?
    No, Netflix is not a Premium Rate Service.

  3. What are the supported devices?
    Smart TVs, Streaming Media Players, Game consoles, Set-top Boxes, Blu-ray Players, Smartphones & Tablets, PCs & Laptops.

  4. Can I access Netflix on more than one device?
    Yes you can. The number of screens you can watch Netflix on simultaneously depends on the subscription package you have chosen.

  5. If I cancel my Netflix subscription before it ends, will it be pro-rated?
    No, subscription will not be pro-rated for any month that you have already started. However, you will be able to enjoy your subscription until it expires. Once you cancel, you will not be billed for subsequent months.

  6. I have an existing Netflix account. Can I still subscribe to Netflix that is offered to M1 customers?
    Yes, you can still subscribe to Netflix and have the subscription fee charged to your M1 bill. An email/SMS will be provided upon successful subscription to link your existing Netflix account.

  7. I have signed up to Netflix using my mobile line. If I change my mobile number, will it affect my Netflix subscription?
    No, changing your mobile number will not affect your Netflix subscription. Netflix recognises customers through the email customers have provided when they created a Netflix account.

  8. If I terminate my M1 Postpaid Mobile line/Mobile Broadband/Fibre Broadband service, will my Netflix subscription end automatically?
    Customers are billed in advance for a 30-day period. If you terminate your M1 service, your Netflix subscription will be cancelled and you will not be billed for subsequent months.

    However, subscribers will still be entitled to Netflix services till the end of their 30-day period.

  9. Can I sign up to bill my Netflix subscription to M1 through the Netflix website?
    No, to bill Netflix to M1 bill, M1 customers can only sign up through M1 website. The only payment option available on Netflix website is via credit card.

  10. What are the Netflix Terms & Conditions?
    For Netflix Terms & Conditions, please visit