make it your dream home

Ever dreamed of waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning and coming home to a relaxing ambience that
sets the mood for a perfect movie night?

Well, you can transform your home into your dream home with just a few taps or through voice assistants.

Control, manage and even schedule your home appliances with ease wherever you are with M1 Smart Home Solutions.

Features & Benefits

Secures your home with auto-lock while providing a keyless convenience. You may also activate your lights while you’re on vacation which is an effective way to seem like someone is home while you’re away.
Manage your Smart Home devices through the app even when you’re not at home.
Reduce energy use to save on electricity bills.
Installation is included with no renovation or rewiring required.
Smart Lock comes with 2-year warranty and the rest of the Smart Home devices come with 1 year. Our local support centres will be there for you whenever you require assistance.
Minimal upfront payment with interest-free instalment plan over 24 months.
customise to your home needs

Kickstart your Smart Home with Smart Hub, Smart Lock, Smart Plug,
Smart Stations and Smart Switches. We can customise to
your homely desire – you can decide which home appliances that you
want to control and manage from your phone app.

Our Smart Home devices are also compatible with Google Assistant
or Amazon Alexa digital assistants, which means you can also control
your home appliances and electronic devices using voice commands.

Smart Plug
Instantly converts any plug into an intelligent outlet and turns an existing appliance into a smart appliance.
Smart Switch
Transforms existing light switches into smart switches without rewiring.
Smart Station
Manages all your infrared remote controls within line-of-sight (e.g. air-conditioner, TV, ceiling fan) wherever you are. It also comes with intelligent sensors to measure air quality, temperature and humidity sensor.
Smart Lock
Allows keyless convenience to unlock your gate and door.
Smart Hub
Connects all your smart devices via Zigbee and Wi-Fi technology for a seamless control.
a connected home plan

We recommend that you start with electronic devices that you often use, such as lights, air-conditioners, TVs, ceiling fans, charging ports.
Then you may proceed to other home appliances that you want to upgrade or address other pain points.

what people are saying...
With this, I can actually
remote control it anywhere
in the world
Financial Advisor
When I need to control the lights
and air-con, with a touch on the
app, everything is done
Loving Mother
& Financial Advisor
choose from these 4 packages to suit your home
24-month instalment is available for all packages.
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Smart Home Basics
Smart Plug
Smart Station
DIY kit to get you started. Now you control your air-con and another preferred appliance easily from your phone.
On top of Fibre Broadband Plan
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Deluxe Home
Smart Plug
Smart Station
Smart Switch x 3
Smart Hub
+ Installation1
Great for living room! Manage the lighting, air-con, TV and more with just a few taps on the app.
On top of Fibre Broadband Plan
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Premium Home
Smart Plug
Smart Station x 3
Smart Switch x 7
Smart Hub
+ Installation1
The ultimate smart home solution that put your devices together and integrate them from room to room. Now you can take control wherever you are.
On top of Fibre Broadband Plan
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Smart Lock
Yale Gate Lock YDR50G
Yale Door Lock YDR343
+ Installation2
Allow keyless convenience to unlock your gate and door.
On top of Fibre Broadband Plan

What's more, enjoy 2 months free Fibre Broadband subscription!
Simply sign up Fibre 1Gbps (U.P. $39.90/mth) with Deluxe Home or above package.

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¹Smart device installation • Installation includes the pairing of devices, basic placement of devices around your home (Smart Plug, Smart Station and Smart Hub), installation of Smart Switches and installation of Kyla App (up to 4 handheld devices such as tablet and mobile phone). • Additional installation of devices will be charged separately for each device.

²Smart lock installation • The installation will be done by Yale Professional Installers.

3 simple steps to connect your smart home

Step 1

Visit your nearest M1 Shop to select the most suitable Smart home solution based on your budget and requirements.

Step 2

Schedule for an installation date.

Step 3

Installation of smart devices will be completed and configured to sync with your Smart Home app.

Give your plan a boost
Google Nest Wifi
Google Nest Wifi

Comes with a Google Nest Wifi router and a
Point. Wi-Fi mesh with built in Google Assistant
and speaker.

ASUS Lyra Voice
ASUS Lyra Voice

The all-in-one Wi-Fi mesh router
with built-in Amazon Alexa
and stereo speakers.