M1 brings you
SE Asia’s first
IoT Network.

Enabling Smart Solutions
for a Smart Nation.


The Internet of Things (IoT) will enable hyper-connectivity to millions of devices, sensors and services, opening up an incredible array of fresh opportunities and innovation that will benefit every one. Singapore’s first low-power wide-area network mobilises connected devices for data-based analysis and decision making. This will help advance Singapore's transformation into a Smart Nation.

Architected on 3GPP’s global Narrowband-IoT standard, the network delivers the optimal connectivity for low-bandwidth IoT applications that require robust, indoor penetration and highly efficient power usage. The use of licensed spectrum offers solution providers and businesses reliability, service quality and security, as they develop and deploy IoT-enabled solutions for Singapore and the world.

Transform devices
into smart,
connected devices

Spark new
data innovation

operational costs

business solutions

IoT Solutions

NB-IoT will catalyse the development of IoT smart solutions across a myriad of industries. Connected devices can be managed remotely and data analysed to enhance operational efficiency and productivity.

Here are some of the many innovative solutions which will be readily available:

  • Smart Power
  • Smart Environmental
  • Smart Fleet & Vehicles
  • Smart Waste
  • Smart
  • Smart Facilities

M1 Future IoT Lab

Our Future IoT Lab provides a real-time environment for end customers, solution developers, and module and chip manufacturers to experiment with their IoT applications. This allows ecosystem players to verify interoperability and functionality, accelerating faster time to market (TTM) of NB-IoT services that are optimal in meeting business needs. 

Please email IoT_lab@m1.com.sg for enquiries.