now with True 5G

  • Free Mr Coconut Drinks (worth $40)
  • Free 12 months subscription of FoneCare+ Lite (worth $8/mth)
  • Unlimited Weekend Data
  • 1,100 mins talktime
  • 1,100 SMS
  • No Contract






now with True 5G

  • Free 12 months subscription of FoneCare+ Lite (worth $8/mth)
  • Unlimited Weekend Data
  • 1,100 mins talktime
  • 1,100 SMS
  • No Contract



This promotion is not available under the M1 Corporate Individual (CORI) Scheme

Exclusive Promotion

How to get 12-mth FREE FoneCare+ Lite?

1. Sign up for our 400GB or 300GB SIM-Only plan

2. In the next month of sign up, you will receive a welcome SMS with a registration link to enrol your device!


*Visit 24-hour FoneCare+ Online Portal for any service requests.

Enjoy 1 Swap every rolling 12 months. Whenever you need to swap an additional service fee is applicable.


Retail Price
iPhones / iPadsOther Devices (Including Foldable Devices)
< $1,000$1,000 to $1,500$1,501 to $2,000> $2,000< $600$600 to $1,500Device > $1500 or Foldables $1501 to $2000> $2000 (Foldables only)

Free 5G SIM Card and Registration

For online new sign up / port-ins


Free Delivery

For online new sign up / port-ins



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M1 5G Sim-Only Plans – No Contract, No Strings Attached

On the lookout for the best and budget-friendly 5G SIM-only plan in Singapore, or perhaps one with no contract so you won’t be locked into a phone plan for 12 to 24 months? Look no further than M1!

Discover exclusive SIM-only plans with exciting promotions and deals like free SIM card and registration, free True 5G, unlimited weekend data, freebies and more!

Enjoy Unlimited Deals with M1’s 5G SIM-Only Plan Promotions

Contract plans may seem attractive, but customers often quickly realise the limitations of “cookie-cutter” phone plans in Singapore. For instance, you may perpetually be exceeding the 1 GB data limit or looking for the best 5G SIM-only plan.

Or perhaps you prefer a more flexible phone plan that you can switch up as required. Whatever it is, M1 has the best SIM-only plans in town that are affordable and address your needs for unlimited personalisation and abundant data.

Starting at only $16.15/mth for 300GB data, Free True 5G, you can trust that our SIM-only mobile plans are among the cheapest in Singapore.

Get Started with the Cheapest 5G SIM-Only Plan in Singapore

No more hefty termination fees, penalties, inflexible contracts and limited data when you subscribe to our SIM-only plan, such as those with True 5G. Here’s how to build the best SIM-only plan in Singapore:
1. Select your preferred SIM-only base plan.
2. Perfect your experience with our comprehensive mobile add-ons.
3. Pick a new number or port in your existing phone number.
4. Complete your order and pick up your new SIM card in-store or leverage our free doorstep delivery.

Yes, getting your new SIM card and plan is that easy!

Sign up for M1’s SIM-only plans today for unbeatable promotions and the cheapest data packages. For more information, browse our FAQ page or speak to us.

Frequently Asked Questions About 5G SIM-Only Plans

What is a 5G SIM-only plan?

A 5G SIM-only phone plan only requires you to pay for data, talk time and texts. Since no additional cost for a phone is charged, SIM-only plans are usually cheaper than contract plans.

Which 5G SIM-only plan is the best in Singapore?

This depends on your preferences, but the best 5G plans are often customisable. At M1, you can build a 5G SIM-only plan tailored to your needs with our unlimited mobile add-ons.

For the ultimate experience on M1’s True 5G network with ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and better bandwidth, add the 5Go Plus Boosters to your SIM-only plan.

How do I sign up for a 5G SIM-only plan?

Signing up for a 5G SIM-only plan is easy at M1. Simply decide on a 5G base plan and your preferred mobile add-ons. You may select a new number or port in your existing number from another telco. Finally, complete your order and collect your new SIM card at your nearest M1 store or have it delivered for free.