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Irresistible Mobile Phone Deals at M1


Smartphones or phablets, whatever your preference may be, there is no doubt a mobile device is one of your most important possessions. From capturing stunning photographs to playing online games, your mobile phone serves many functions. As such, choosing the right one and getting it at the best price is a great deal, right?

Given the advancements in technology and stiff competition among top mobile phone brands, there seems to be a never-ending stream of phone launches. However, the latest releases often come with a hefty price tag. But fret not! Here at M1, we’ve got you covered. Offering a wide range of mobile devices, not only do we make them accessible at prices cheaper than retail, we also put out exclusive deals and promotions every season for you to snap up your favourite phones with ease.

Industry-Leading Brands

Whether you are a full-on Apple fan or all for Android phones, if you’ve been on the lookout for amazing mobile promotions in Singapore, you’re at the right place. Carrying mobile devices by industry-leading brands, you’ll find the best smartphone deals for various phone models here at M1, making your switch to a brand-new phone extremely easy. Here are some of the mobile phone brands we carry:

1. Apple
Known for their famed iPhones, Apple’s hardware quality remains unrivalled to this day. Setting the benchmark for design and innovative features, iOS users can get the latest releases here at M1.

2. Samsung
Pushing out the most popular Android-based phones, Samsung offers a high-end tablet line. From creating niche devices to the crowning Samsung Galaxy S line and the innovative Galaxy Z flip and Fold, their range of mobile phones is a force to be reckoned with.

Built with beautiful designs and high-end specs, HUAWEI smartphones are the ones to top. Delivering snappy performance at an affordable price, you’ll want to have your hands on these impressive phones.

Highly rated by tech lovers, OPPO phones have user-friendly interfaces and impressive battery life. With praise-worthy functionality at affordable prices, OPPO has so much to offer.

5. vivo
With multiple phone series, vivo devices promise long-lasting battery life and speedy performance. Paired with value-added specs, newer models also come with irresistible camera specs.

6. Xiaomi
Each and every Xiaomi line-up is aimed at specific users. Need a top-of-the-line camera system? Maybe a handset that powers your creativity? Whatever your needs may be, there probably is a Xiaomi phone for you.

7. Nothing
Emerging as a disruptor in the tech world, Nothing introduces refreshing aesthetics and innovative designs. Standing out with their minimalist approach, their phones promise a unique user experience for the discerning individual.

8. ZTE
Known for delivering consistent performance and cutting-edge tech, ZTE's lineup caters to users looking for an affordable, sleek, and functional alternative to mainstream brands.

Data Plans to Get the Best Smartphone Deals

Enjoy the latest mobile phone deals when you sign up for any of our 3 bespoke plans, our best value sharing data plan ideal for keeping you and your family connected. With the Bespoke Flexi Plan, not only can you snap up the latest phone releases and deals for as low as $0 upfront, you’ll also get to choose the amount of data and talktime you need month-on-month. If you don’t need to make many changes monthly, you can put together a personalised plan with M1’s 2-year Bespoke Contract Plan instead.

Already have a new handset? Check out our made-to-measure Bespoke SIM-Only Plan, where you will find the best mobile contract deals. Make adjustments to your data and call minutes on the fly or exchange add-ons with another on the My M1+ app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mobile Promotions

What makes M1 mobile phone deals different?

At our M1 shops in Singapore, most of our devices are cheaper than the retail price, and our mobile phone offers are deals that have been further discounted. What’s more? New M1 users are entitled to more exclusive mobile promotions! Simply switch to M1 and you’ll get to enjoy exclusive deals such as free Unlimited Weekend Data and Caller Number Display for 3 months. Register with M1 for free and enjoy special rewards today!

How do I qualify for M1’s phone promotions ?

Want to find a suitable phone contract deal for you? Access the best mobile phone deals by switching to M1. All you need to do is sign up with M1 and pick the handset you’d like to purchase — it’s as easy as that!

How do I sign up for an M1 mobile phone plan?

Signing up for an M1 mobile phone plan online to get the best deals has never been easier. Select your preferred bespoke mobile plan, customise it according to your needs, and you’re all set. For more assistance, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.