mySIM Plans

New Line Sign-ups

Minimum 1-month commitment period applies for new sign-ups on mySIM Plans. Early termination charge equivalent to 1 month’s subscription is applicable for termination during the commitment period.

Talktime, SMS/MMS and Data Usage and Charges

Free bundled talktime, SMS/MMS and data extends to local usage unless otherwise stated. Excess local voice and video call usage is charged at 16.05 cents per minute, with a minimum one-minute charge and billed per second thereafter. Airtime charges apply for mobile calls made to "1800" local toll free service numbers. Excess SMS is charged at 5.35 cents each and excess MMS is charged at 32.1 cents (30kb and below)/ 85.6 cents (above 30kb) each. Excess data is charged at $10.70 per GB, and capped at $188.32 per month.


Monthly subscription of 4G VAS is waived permanently. Theoretical download speed of 300Mbps and typical download speed range of 47.0 - 108.2Mbps (at fixed locations) is only available with 4G service on compatible 4G devices. The typical speed range refers to the range of download speed that users can experience 80% of the time based on the specific test conditions and parameters which are stipulated on our website Testing Time Frame: April to June 2018.

Free Value-added Services

Airtime charges apply for incoming calls to Voicemail and retrieval of Voicemail messages. Prevailing roaming usage charges apply when Voicemail service is used overseas. Promotional waiver of registration charge and first month’s subscription for Caller Number Display is applicable for new line sign-ups.

200 minutes / 800 minutes / Unlimited Talktime Add-ons

200 minutes / 800 minutes / Unlimited Talktime Add-ons are applicable on all mySIM plans, except mySIMs plan. Talktime Add-on bundles apply to local voice / video calls only. Usage in excess of the Talktime Add-on bundle will be charged in accordance with local talktime usage charges for mySIM plans. Only one Talktime Add-on is allowed per mobile line. Bundled talktime will only be effective from the date of activation and will not offset any excess talktime charges incurred prior to activation date. To change a Talktime Add-on, the existing Talktime Add-on must first be terminated before a new one can be added. Subscription fees and bundled talktime will not be pro-rated. Talktime Add-ons can be shared with mySIMs plans.

Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers

“Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers is applicable on mySIM3 20/40/50 and mySIMe 40/70/90 plans for local voice calls to 3 nominated M1 Numbers. A $10.70 administrative charge applies for any change of the nominated M1 numbers. M1 reserves the right at its sole and absolute discretion to terminate Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers without prior notice to customer in the event of any fraudulent use or misuse.

Multi-Service Saver

Lines on mySIM Plans do not count towards the total number of mobile lines for the qualification of Multi-Service Saver programme and determination of the applicable Multi-Service Saver Discount, and are not eligible for the Multi-Service Saver Discount.

Fair Use Policy for Unlimited Usage

“Unlimited" talktime, messaging and data usage are restricted to reasonable personal use and non-commercial purposes only. “Unlimited” talktime is only applicable to local voice and video calls. “Unlimited” messaging is only applicable to SMS/MMS sent to local mobile numbers. “Unlimited” data is only applicable to local data usage. Any abuse, such as, but not limited to, SMS/MMS broadcasts or sending unsolicited material (Spam), will entitle M1 to revoke the customer’s benefits, in M1’s sole discretion. If you use more than 10,000 local call minutes or more than 10,000 local SMS/MMS per billing cycle, such usage will be deemed to be excessive or abusive usage, for which prevailing pay-per-use charges shall apply. For the avoidance of doubt, M1’s Traffic Management Policy will apply.

M1 reserves the right to amend the Fair Use Policy for Unlimited Usage from time to time at its discretion, without any prior notice.

Data Passport Usage on Plans with Unlimited Data

Customers on mySIM plans bundled with Unlimited Data may use up to 30GB per month to data roam with the relevant Data Passport subscription, after which excess usage will be charged at $10.70/GB. A monthly data bill cap of $188.32 will also apply.


The following are not available on mySIM Plans:

  • Upsized Data
  • Youth Benefits and Senior Benefits
  • Corporate discounts

mySIM3 Plans

Plan Eligibility

mySIM3 Plans are applicable for new and existing Postpaid mobile lines without handset contract / tariff rebate contract.

Additional Data with 12-month mySIM3 Plan

Additional data is only applicable with a 12-month contract. Early termination or change in plan during the commitment period will be subject to applicable early termination charges as stated in the contract.

Auto-Renewal of 12-month mySIM3 Plan Contract

Upon expiry of the 12-month service commitment period, the contract will be automatically renewed for 12 months each time (each, a “Renewal Term”) with the same terms. Notification email and SMS on the auto-renewal will be sent one month before contract expiry. To opt-out of auto-renewal, send SMS from the mobile line, with the code: NoRenew to 1627. Once the contract has been renewed, customers will be notified via email and SMS. Upon each auto-renewal, a copy of the applicable terms will be sent to customers via email.

Within the first 3 months of each subsequent Renewal Term:

  1. If the customer does not wish to have the additional data but wishes to retain the M1 line, he may choose to cancel the contract. Additional data will be removed and customer will not be charged for cancellation of contract. The customer will not be able to cancel the contract after the first (3) months of each Renewal Term.
  2. If the customer terminates or changes the service subscription plan, applicable early termination charges will be waived. For terminations or change in service plan after the first 3 months of each Renewal Term, applicable early termination charges will apply.

mySIMe Plans

Plan Eligibility

mySIMe Plans are applicable for new and existing Postpaid mobile lines without handset contract / tariff rebate contract.

Handset Offers

Handset offers are applicable to new line connections, existing customers with no handset contract or who have completed at least 20 months of their existing contracts, with a new corresponding 24-month mySIMe contract.

mySIMe 24-month Device Contract

mySIMe customers must complete the 24-month commitment period of mySIMe contract to be eligible for re-contract with an administrative fee of $10.70. The administrative fee is not applicable for (i) online re-contracts via, (ii) plan upgrades at point of re-contract, (iii) Sunrisers / Citibank M1 Cardmembers and (iv) Corporate Customers. Each mySIMe plan is eligible for 1 (one) 24-month mySIMe contract.

mySIMe Early Re-contract

Additional re-contract fee will apply on Handset Offers, for customers who have completed at least 11 months of their mySIMe contract. Upon re-contract and payment of the following applicable Early Re-contract Fee, customer will be bound by the terms and conditions of only the new mySIMe contract:

Month of mySIMe Contract Early Re-contract Fee
12th to 17th month $350
18th to 20th month $200
21st to 24th month $50

mySIMs Plan

Plan Eligibility

mySIMs plan is applicable for new and existing Postpaid mobile lines as a supplementary line to a main line, that is subscribed to one of the following eligible mySIM3 or mySIMe plans:

Applicable with mySIMs Plan
mySIM3 mySIM3 20, mySIM3 40, mySIM3 50
mySIMe mySIMe 40, mySIMe 70, mySIMe 90

Main and supplementary line(s) must be registered under the same NRIC/FIN in the same account. Corporate customers whose mobile lines are registered under their company's name will not be eligible for mySIMs plans.

Sharing of Main Plan’s Bundles

Up to 2 mySIMs plan(s) can share data, talktime and SMS/MMS from a main line’s bundle. The main line must remain active and subscribed to an eligible mySIM3 or mySIMe plan for the supplementary line(s) to utilize the main line's data, talktime and SMS/MMS bundle. All value-added services on the mySIMs are chargeable.

Termination of Main Line

In the event that the main line is (a) terminated, (b) suspended, (c) ported out, (d) converted to a non-eligible mobile plan, or (e) transferred to another subscriber, the mySIMs plan(s) will (i) be automatically converted to mySIM3 20 plan with a monthly subscription of $20, (ii) have the promotions / discounts removed, if applicable, (iii) incur contract charges, if applicable.


All prices stated are inclusive of 7% GST and based on a monthly recurring service unless otherwise stated.

M1 reserves the right to amend, vary or supplement these terms and conditions and change, suspend (whether fully or partially) or withdraw the plans and/or services at any time. M1 will, where it is practicable to do so, give you advance notice (which may be through written notice, email, letters, M1 website, bills or such other forms as M1 deems appropriate) of such changes.

M1’s General Terms and Conditions available at are deemed incorporated herein and shall apply, in addition to any other terms and conditions as may be agreed between us (if any). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between any terms, such conflict or inconsistency shall, in the absence of any express agreement to the contrary, be resolved in a manner most favourable to M1, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws.