1. These terms and conditions are in respect of M1 Net Ltd's ("M1 Net") 12 Months M1 HomePac 50 Mbps (Fibre) Service promotion ("Promotion").
  2. The Promotion is open to residents of the development known as Reflections at Keppel Bay and such other developments as M1 Net may decide in its discretion ("Development"). The customer's premises must be certified Fibre Ready under the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network ("NGNBN") to be eligible for the Promotion. For the purposes of this contract, "Fibre Ready" means NGNBN fibre-connected for Service that is to be delivered via fibre technology, and the Service Address must have been certified fibre-ready for the Services according to confirmation by the relevant Third Party Provider (OpenNet Pte Ltd.).
  3. A customer who signs up for the Promotion shall be entitled to 12 months' free subscription of the M1 HomePac 50 Mbps (Fibre) Service ("Promotion Period"), and will receive a router issued by M1 Net to use during the Promotion Period.
  4. The Promotion Period shall commence from the date of this contract. At the end of the Promotion Period, the Promotion shall cease and M1 Net's then prevailing rates for the HomePac Service (assuming the service continues) shall apply.
  5. The customer shall not during the Promotion Period, (i) transfer the service, or (ii) change the bill plan, or (iii) change the service address; without the prior written consent of M1 Net. Any such transfer, change in bill plan or change of service address entitles M1 Net, in its discretion, to forfeit promotional discounts whereupon the customer will make payment to M1 Net for the HomePac Service at the then prevailing rates for the remaining term of the Commitment Period.
  6. All charges are subject to the prevailing GST rate.
  7. Any other contract with the customer shall continue to apply, unless agreed otherwise by M1 Net.
  8. The customer acknowledges that the M1 HomePac 50 Mbps (Fibre) Service is intended to operate on the NGNBN and accordingly is dependent on the performance of the network and other NGNBN third party providers, including OpenNet Ltd and/or Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd ("Third Party Providers"). Accordingly, M1 Net shall not in any way whatsoever be liable or responsible for any failure, delay, default, act or omission by such Third Party Providers that prevent or delay or otherwise impact or affect the provision of the Service, howsoever arising. M1 Net's terms and conditions for the provision of the M1 HomePac 50 Mbps (Fibre) Service, including any summary terms thereto, shall apply.
  9. M1 Net's General Terms and Conditions, the specific terms and conditions for the provision of the M1 HomePac 50 Mbps (Fibre) service and any applicable terms for the provision of M1 High-Speed Fibre Broadband services published at www.m1.com.sg are deemed incorporated by reference. M1 Limited's general terms and conditions shall also apply mutatis mutandis where applicable. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these terms and conditions, the specific terms and conditions for the provision of the M1 HomePac 50 Mbps service and M1 Net's General Terms and Conditions, the conflict or inconsistency shall be resolved in a manner most favourable to M1 Net, as determined by M1 Net in its sole and absolute discretion.