24 months Fibre 300Mbps at $14.50/month
Subscription at $14.50 per month, valid for 24 months from the date of ONT activation/installation, thereafter, the service shall automatically be terminated unless customers opt to re-contract for another 24 months at the prevailing subscription rate.

Service/Package Plan comes with (where applicable):
  • Home Fixed Voice - Subscription at $0 per month, valid from the date of ONT activation/installation.

Early Termination Charge
Early termination or downgrade of service plan during the 24-month service commitment period is subject to early termination charges (ETC) at a maximum of $684.00 in the first month. The ETC decreases each month in the service commitment period.

Please refer to Package Contract for detailed monthly ETC.

Service/Package Plan Details (where applicable)
Fibre 300Mbps
Theoretical download speed of 300Mbps and upload speed of 300Mbps. The Typical Speed Range is 283.8 – 298.9Mbps. These refer to the range of download speeds that users can experience 80% of the time based on the specific test conditions and parameters which are stipulated in m1.com.sg/HBBspeeds. Testing Time Frame: January to March 2019.

Home Fixed Voice
  • Free unlimited local calls (incoming and outgoing)
Directory Service Related Charges (where applicable) –
  1. Delisting Charge. First request free (includes choice made at the point of sign-up), subsequent requests chargeable at $5.35 each;
  2. 100 Directory Enquiry Service Charge. First 3 enquiries per billing month free, subsequent enquiries chargeable at $0.97 each.

Charges (where applicable)
In the event you have purchased any handset and/or device, you acknowledge and agree that the specific provisions with respect to the sale and supply of goods stated at Clause 11 of M1 Limited’s General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

Payment Terms
You will be billed monthly for the services subscribed. You may choose to receive paper bills sent to your residential address (by default) or electronic bills sent to your email address.