1. IDD 021 calls to Myanmar are charged at flat rate of 60₵/minute all-day on weekend, and 8pm – 7.59am on weekdays. Calls are charged at flat rate of 80₵/minute from 8am – 7.59pm on weekdays.

  2. All dates and times stated will be based on that of M1’s system.

  3. Rates are available to Talk 8 and Free Incoming Call plans on M Card only.

  4. Rates are applicable to IDD 021 outgoing voice calls made from Singapore to Myanmar only.

  5. Prevailing roaming rates will apply accordingly.

  6. For any IDD calls made, the deduction will be based on this order (where applicable):
    • $23 M Card Top-up (Bonus balance)
    • Super Top-up (IDD/Others balance)
    • Main balance

  7. M1's records will be used for the purpose of charging and shall be final and conclusive evidence of the duration of each call.

  8. M1 reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions. We will, where practicable, give you reasonable advance notice of such changes.

  9. M1 Limited General Terms and Conditions and Prepaid Mobile Service Terms and Conditions available on m1.com.sg are incorporated and shall apply.