1. Indonesia IDD plan is a value-added service applicable to M Card customers on Talk8 and Free Incoming Call plans.

  2. Applicable subscription fees for Indonesia IDD plans will be deducted from the customers’ Main Balance.

  3. Multiple subscriptions are allowed and the remaining balance will be rolled over as long as another subscription is made before the current plan expires.

  4. Indonesia IDD plan is valid for 3 days from the date of activation. In cases of multiple subscriptions, the expiry will be recalculated based on the last activation date and time.

  5. A minimum call charge of 22.7¢ is required to make or continue a call. Upon expiry or when credits are depleted, calls will be terminated. Subsequent calls will be charged at prevailing IDD 021 rates to the Indonesia.

  6. Time is based on a 24-hour clock cycle from the time of plan activation.

  7. Indonesia IDD plan is valid for use while in Singapore. Prevailing roaming rates will apply accordingly.

  8. Any remaining or unused IDD balance will be forfeited after the plan expires and/or subject to maximum card validity, whichever comes first.

  9. "Free 75 global SMS with 5 global SMS" promotion will not be applicable to any of the 5 selected countries when you have an active Indonesian IDD plan. Upon expiry of the Indonesia IDD plan, you can enjoy the promotion again with every 5 global SMS sent to the selected 5 countries.

  10. For any IDD 021 calls made to Indonesia or Global SMS sent, the deduction will be based on this order (where applicable):
    • Indonesia IDD Plan (Calls and Global SMS)
    • $23 M Card Top-up (Bonus balance)
    • Super Top-up (IDD/Others balance)
    • Main balance

  11. Customers subscribed to the Indonesia IDD plan will not enjoy any other promotions unless otherwise specified by M1. This includes, but not limited to the following: 1) Free 10 minutes with every 8 minute IDD call made to Indonesia; 2) Free 75 global SMS with 5 global SMS sent to the selected 5 countries; 3) IDD 021 Promotions to Indonesia.

  12. Promotional IDD bundle rates include local airtime charges.

  13. Calls are charged in per minute blocks.

  14. M1 reserves the right to revise these Terms and Conditions. We will, where practicable, give you reasonable advance notice of such changes. Visit m1.com.sg/mcardtnc for full terms.

  15. M1 Limited General Terms and Conditions and Prepaid Mobile Service Terms and Conditions available on m1.com.sg are incorporated and shall apply.