1. M1 LIMITED (“M1”) customers who purchase any of the M1 prepaid bundles shall be entitled to one Huawei Ascend Y220 (“Handset”) to be used only on M1’s network for the contractual period of 12 months commencing from the date of sign-up. Customers are not required to make any up-front or monthly payments for the Handset on the basis that customers will comply with all the contractual terms stated herein and/or published at www.m1.com.sg where applicable.

  2. The customer is required to remain on M1’s Network for a period of twelve (12) months commencing from the date of the sign-up of this Contract (“Minimum Term”). In the event any party terminates this Contract prior to the expiry of the Minimum Term, M1 reserves its rights to claim against the customer for all losses and/or damages suffered or incurred by M1.

  3. The customer must keep the handset in good working order and condition at all times. This means without limitation, the following: (i) the Handset must be able to power up; (ii) there are no cracks on the LCD screen of the Handset; and (iii) the Handset must be returned with its original battery, charger, and all other accessories including memory card(s), data cable(s) and stylus, as may be applicable (collectively “Accessories”).

  4. Upon (a) the expiry of the Minimum Term, or (b) any earlier termination of this Contract by M1 or the customer, or (c) upon demand by M1, the Handset and Accessories must be returned by the customer personally, to any M1 Customer Service Centre, in good working order and condition (as described above). M1 shall decide in its discretion if the Handset and Accessories are in good working order and condition.

  5. In the event that the Handset and/or Accessories are not returned to M1, or are not returned in good working order and condition, M1 reserves the right to claim from the customer the full M1 recommended retail price of the Handset and/or accessories then prevailing, or the sum of S$20, whichever is higher.

  6. The Handset and Accessories shall remain the sole property of M1 and M1 shall retain full legal and beneficial title to the Handset and Accessories at all times. The use of the Handset and Accessories by the customer shall be in accordance with these terms herein and on the basis of a full reservation and retention of M1’s title in and to the Handset and Accessories.

  7. The Handset and Accessories may not be sold, transferred, gifted or disposed of in any manner whatsoever to any third party (whether person, entity or other legal persona) without the prior written consent of M1 (which consent may be refused in M1’s discretion without assigning any reasons). The customer must not modify or allow anyone to modify the Handset and Accessories.

  8. Where necessary, the customer is responsible for bringing the Handset to the manufacturer’s service centers for repairs and/or to obtain a replacement handset. The customer shall pay all costs and expenses of any repair and/or replacement costs which the customer may incur for the Handset and Accessories.

  9. Upon completion of the Minimum Term, the Handset and Accessories must be returned by the customer personally, to any M1 Customer Center. Provided that the customer has not breached any terms and conditions, M1 Customer Service Center will then facilitate transfer of ownership for the Handset and unlock the Handset so that it can be used on other mobile networks, free-of-charge. For the avoidance of doubt, M1 shall retain ownership of the title to the Handset for as long as the Handset is SIM locked to M1.

  10. M1’s General Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions applicable for the provision of the prepaid service as published at www.m1.com.sg are deemed incorporated herein and shall apply to this Contract. In the event of any inconsistency, the interpretation most favorable to M1 shall apply.