1. Number reservation is open to all existing M1 customers and new mobile line sign-ups on a first-come-first-serve basis. Upon successful reservation of the number:
  2. a)  Existing M1 customers must go down personally to any M1 Customer Service Centre to make payment for the reserved number (where applicable) and for the change of mobile number to be effected.

    b)  For new mobile line sign-ups, customers must go down personally to any M1 Shop or M1 Exclusive Distributor to make payment for the reserved number (where applicable).

  3. Customers must make the number reservation with the same NRIC / FIN number which will be used for the existing mobile number / new mobile line sign-up. 

  4. Once a successful number reservation has been made, no changes to the number reservation are allowed. 

  5. Each customer is entitled to make reservations for up to a maximum of 2 numbers for 120 hours from the time of successful reservation. Reserved numbers which are not signed up after 120 hours will be released into the available number pool for selection by others. 

  6. Prices are inclusive of 7% GST and are subject to change in accordance with the prevailing GST rate. Free numbers are available for new mobile line sign-up only.

  7. M1 reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of any promotion at any time without prior notice.

  8. M1's registration guidelines, General Terms and Conditions published at www.m1.com.sg and any other applicable terms and conditions for the provision of M1's services are deemed incorporated herein and shall apply.