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PlanMonthly SubscriptionTalktimeSMS/MMSData 
SurfShare i-Reg$62300 mins12004GB more info
SurfShare i-Max$102800 mins20007GB more info
SurfShare Max$102800 mins20007GB more info
SurfShare Reg+$82400 mins15005GB more info
ConnectSurf$25.68500 mins100006GB more info
SurfShare i-Lite+$42200 mins10003GB more info
ValueSurf$39    more info
LiteSurf$55    more info
iPhone Unlimited$198    more info
iPhone Max$198    more info
iPhone Extreme$98    more info
iPhone Lite$56    more info
iPhone Value$36    more info
ExtremeSurf$95    more info
Max+$228Unlimited500013GB more info
SurfShare i-Reg+$82400 mins15005GB more info
mySIM(e) 118$118UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited more info
Lite+$42200 mins10003GB more info
Reg$62300 mins12004GB more info
Lite$28100 mins500300MB more info
Reg+$82400 mins15005GB more info
Max$102800 mins20007GB more info
SurfShare Reg$62300 mins12004GB more info
SurfShare Lite+$42200 mins10003GB more info
mySIM(3) 98 (12-month)$98UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited more info
mySIM(3) 98$98UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited more info
mySIM(3) 20$20100 mins1003GB + 12GB more info
mySIM(3) 40$40100 mins10010GB + 15GB more info
mySIM(3) 50$50100 mins10015GB + 25GB more info
mySIM(3) 20 (12-month)$20100 mins1005GB + 10GB more info
mySIM(3) 40 (12-month)$40100 mins10015GB + 10GB more info
mySIM(3) 50 (12-month)$50100 mins10030GB + 10GB more info
Enterprise Mobile 3+$34.7UnlimitedUnlimited13GB more info
Enterprise Mobile 12+$53.1UnlimitedUnlimited40GB more info
mySIM(e) 40$40100 mins1005GB + 10GB more info
mySIM(e) 90$90100 mins10030GB + 20GB more info
mySIM(e) 70$70100 mins10015GB + 20GB more info
Enterprise Mobile X+$122.4UnlimitedUnlimited40GB more info
Did you know you can bundle up your Plan with an FBB service and save on your monthly bill?
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