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Licence Key Retrieval
  • Why you need to sign up for M1 Security Suite of Services?

    M1 Security Suite of services is powered by Trend Micro, it includes a range of software which offers a robust, fast, easy-to-use and trustworthy protection for you and your family.


    M1 Internet Security is suitable for those who want protection for their laptops or PC (Windows or Mac). It allows you to safeguard your cyber life with the latest cloud technology that is looking out for all kinds of viruses, spyware and other threats. It actively patrols the internet and kills them much before they even reach your computer.


    M1 Mobile Security is suitable for those with an Android device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. It stops most threats before they reach you. This cloud-based security service prevents online threats, data theft, and the loss of your Android smartphone or tablet.


    M1 Ultimate Security is suitable for those who want to protect a variety of devices. It provides all-in-one protection for you as it is a multi-device solution across multiple platforms that offer protection for virtually any combination of PCs, Mac, and Android devices with only one licence key.

  • M1 Internet Security

    • 24 X 7 protection for total peace of mind
      Trend Micro's cloud-based Smart Protection Network stalls the threats automatically way before they reach your computer.

    • Simple and easy-to-use
      With just a few clicks from the main console, you can run a scan or get up-to-the-minute status reports on your computer's security.

    • Light on resources
      This cool and cutting-edge technology runs on the cloud. Essential information such as virus signature files used to block threats therefore is not stored on your computer. Obviously it delivers fast boot and shutdown times, without compromising on safety.

    • Enhanced parental controls for added peace of mind
      M1 Internet Security is easy to use! You can now easily monitor and limit your kids' online movement and block inappropriate content. You can also customize settings for each child, according to their age group.

    • Convenient and easy
      Simply pay a small monthly subscription from $3.75, through your M1 bill, and access all the great features of M1 Internet Security.

    • Secure your social networks
      A great new feature exclusively for you! Social Networking Security automatically scans the wall of your social media properties and warns you of malicious links, so that you know what is safe and what is not, before you click. With enhanced Privacy Scanner feature, it will also help you identify settings that may leave your personal information vulnerable.

    M1 Mobile Security

    • Data Theft scanner to identify apps that steal personal info

    • Website and call blocking to filter dangerous and unwanted content

    • Safe Surfing and Call/Text Filtering keep you and your kids safe by avoiding unwanted contact and content

    • Lost Device Protection to help, find, lock, or erase a missing device

    M1 Ultimate Security

    • The freedom to enjoy the Internet to its full potential with a multi-device solution

    • You do not need to subscribe to multiple services to cater to different devices

    • The ability to change which devices you want to protect within your licence period, moving your protection from one device to another

    FAQ | Terms & Conditions

  • M1 Security Suite of Services

  • Get absolute peace of mind for you and your family with an affordable plan. Check out our easy-to-use M1 Security Suite plans and sign-up now!

    Service Plans

      Licence for up to 3 PCs Additional Licence for 1 PC

    M1 Internet Security

    $3.75 / mth $1.61 / mth

      Licence for up to 3 PCs Additional Licence for 1 PC

    M1 Internet Security

    $3.75 / mth $1.61 / mth

      Licence for 1 Device only

    M1 Mobile Security

    $1.50 / mth

      Licence for up to 3 Devices Additional Licence for 1 PC
    (Windows Only)

    M1 Ultimate Security

    $5.00 / mth $2.50 / mth

    Note: M1 Ultimate Security (Windows) has an additional Trend Micro Vault password feature as compared to M1 Internet Security (Windows).

    M1 Security Suite of services is open to all new/existing M1 Postpaid customers.

    Sign up for M1 Security Suite of Services today and get:

    • 3 months free subscription

    How to Subscribe

    Click here to sign up or activate via My M1 App or visit your nearest M1 Shop or M1 Exclusive Distributor.

    Click here for the software download for M1 Security Suite of services.

  • Forgotten Your Licence Key? To retrieve your Internet Security licence key, simply log in to your M1 Account.

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